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Tried & Tested – Fast Developing Self-Tan

July 15, 2015

When it comes to tanning, I’m as lazy as it gets. Even though it only takes about ten minutes I just hate doing it. I hate the process of waiting all night and then getting your white sheets covered in it and your boyfriend telling you that you smell of biscuits.

There are lots of self tans on the market though however that I have been loving and that you only need to leave on for an hour to three and rinse off. Perfect for when you don’t have much time, forgot to tan before a night out or have an impromptu date.

I tested out three and I am so impressed with the results of all three! So let’s get to the details.

Fast Developing Tans

Vita Liberata Rapid Fast Acting Tanning Mousse £24.50

Vita Liberata Rapid Tan is a mousse formula and offers a three-hour colour scheme. So it goes 1 – Light, 2- Medium, 3- Dark, I went for the three hours and was so impressed by the colour. The application was so easy to apply and it blended so well. It also didn’t smell at all as it contains Odour Remove™ so that it won’t smell. I really loved the guide colour of this Vita Liberata as it was such a golden gorgeous tan I didn’t really want to wash it off! It dries so quickly almost instant and you can dress immediately. It also comes with a tiny mitt, which I didn’t find all that helpful but then I found the perfect use for it, for hands. The tan says it lasts 4-7 days but I found it really long-lasting and even after the week I still had some colour. It didn’t come off funny or patchy just really lovely and the final colour was perfect. I normally find the tan goes really dodgy around my ankles too and this one just didn’t do that, I love it!

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan £7.99

Cocoa Brown Tan has always been a firm favourite for me in the tanning world. The 1 hour tan was genius and the perfect way to tan before a night out. Especially if you get a last-minute invite and are looking paler than Casper, then this does the job. This one has a slightly different colour scheme, 1 – Bronzed, 2 – Chocolate, 3 – Intense. I find even with this one 1 hour has been plenty time and left me with a gorgeous glow. Especially good if you want to tan legs quickly. It’s again a mousse formula and really easy to apply. I find it a little harder to blend than the others, but I think this is from the fact it dries so quickly. But again the colour of the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour looks great!

St Moriz Fast Developing Tan

St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse £5.99 

Do not be put off by the price of this tan. I love the lotion of the St Moriz range and so was excited to give the St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse a try. The mousse was easy enough to apply with the mitt, I do prefer a lotion to a mousse as I find a mousse dries so quickly but this was fine to apply and blended easily. The colour guide was great and you can either wait 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium or 3 hours for a dark. I left it on for three. I wouldn’t say I was as dark as when I use the lotion but I was happy enough with the results. What I do like about this is when reapplying you could add another hour, rather than the three, so it’s quite mix and match. It also went on streak free.

Whatever your budget I would recommend all three tans. I think I lean slightly more towards Vita Liberata for its flawless application and non orange ankles, but each has their own reasons why I like them so it’s hard to pick a favourite. I am currently trying out St Tropez’s In-Shower so I can’t wait to see how I get on with that!

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