Best Cafes In London

Saint Aymes Best Cafes In London The LDN Diaries

London has had an influx of beautiful cafes popping up, with not only amazing cakes but decor to win the hearts of your Instagram followers. I’ve compiled some of the very best, so grab a friend and go ahead and have a lovely afternoon, filled with cake of course.

Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes is your perfect choice for a girlie catch-up, inside it is pink, with flower walls and just so pretty. From the outside you can’t miss it as it has wisteria hanging across the front. They don’t take reservations, only walk-ins so get here early and enjoy the chocolate treats, try one of their signature 24ct handmade gold chocolates or go for cupcakes and macarons. Drinks are an even grander affair with unicorn lattes, a blue or pink flavoured latte with 24ct gold or try the pink hot chocolate topped with gold and yummy Oreo pieces, it tastes amazing. Read More »

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Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens The LDN Diaries

This Summer if there is one place I’d recommend visiting its Kew Gardens. On a glorious sunny Sunday, Danny and I decided to pop down for a look around. It is one place in London I have never been to and with their new restoration finished after five years in the making of the Temperate House, I decided we should spend an afternoon there.

Kew Gardens is just a short walk from Kew Gardens tube and railway station. As you step off into the Kew Gardens village, it just is so pretty and the Royal Botanic Gardens await at the end of the road through the regal looking gate. The gardens are huge, set in 326 acres of landscape, there is plenty to see and it is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the sunshine. Read More »

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Fake Tanning Waters – What Are They & Do They Work?

St Tropez Purity Water Review

I’d say I was a bit of an expert when it comes to fake tanning, considering I’ve been doing it since I was about 15. No judgement here now, but I’d say I actually was addicted to fake tanning. I have always felt so pale, so when I don’t have tan on, I definitely feel less confident – crazy I know, and you know what sometimes I won’t wear a dress even if it’s sunny unless I have fake tan on my legs. It’s a mindset for sure and now my addiction has been uncovered let’s get down to the review.

Fake tan has come a long way since I first started using it, the tans are more natural and easier to apply than ever before and there are so many new tans being released recently, everything from fake tanning sheet masks to in-shower tans, St Tropez has got you covered for both of those. So when I saw the release of a whole load of new tanning waters, it confused me a little. These don’t have a colour guide, which quite frankly fills me with dread. Why would I want to apply tan and then wait overnight to see what I look like in the morning, in the hope that I don’t have white patches or streaks? I like the knowing and I feel like these are effectively going backwards in the tanning world, so I decided to put them to the test myself and see if I could prove myself wrong. Read More »

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4 Skincare Brands Worth The Hype

Lixir Skin Electrogel Cleanser Review

There are new skincare products being released each week, that it is hard to know which are worth the hype and which aren’t. I have four skincare brands that have been the hot topic in the beauty world for a little while now that I think need to be on your radar.

Lixir Skin

Must-Have Product – Electrogel Cleanser

Lixir Skin was a brand I just couldn’t escape last year, it was everywhere, from Vogue to Instagram. Lixir Skin was created by Colette Haydon a doctor in derma pharmacy who has formulated some of the best skincare products for many a coveted brand. This range aims to target everyday needs when it comes to skincare with a relaxed approach. There are currently seven products with each product being universal so it can be used on face, eyes, neck, everywhere. The packaging is pink and beautiful and will keep your skincare cabinet looking pretty, but looks aside this skincare range really works. Read More »

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Spring Has Sprung With Ted Baker Fragrant Bloom

Ted Baker Fragrant Bloom Review

Florals for Spring might not be groundbreaking to Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, but for me I love them. Like the way the flower grows and opens up, Spring is all about rebirth and new beginnings. From Spring cleaning to going through my wardrobe and swapping over my clothes or I’ll admit buying new ones. So I want the florals, I want the colour and the brightness and the beautiful floral smells that come with it.

One of Ted Baker’s key designs for womenswear SS18 is the Chatsworth Bloom fashion print. Inspired by the gardens of Chatsworth House, it combines vintage inspiration with illustrated florals on a soft pink and white colour palette with accents of chartreuse to give this traditional print a contemporary twist. The print further inspires the NEW Ted Baker Fragrant Bloom bath and body collection, with the scent highlighting the blossoming Chatsworth Gardens. Read More »