St Moriz Dark Tan Lotion Review
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St Moriz Dark Tan Lotion Review

September 18, 2014

As I have said probably every time I review a self tan, trying a new one is always a bit nerve-wracking. It must have come from bad tan experiences I had when I was younger, but I always worry what I will wake up like in the morning! However I needn’t have worried one little bit with St Moriz.

St Moriz has a fantastic selection of tanning products including lotions, mousse, instant tans, face tans and bronzers as well to give you that head to toe glow. I decided to try out the lotion as it was said to be good for drier skins, I always find a mousse a little drying so was excited to give the lotion a try. I went for it in the dark shade as even though I worry about being orange I do like a nice dark golden colour that lasts.

St Moriz Dark Tan Lotion Review

So on one night during the week I grabbed my new mitt and tan and headed to the bathroom for a little holiday. I applied all over my body and the whole process took no time at all. I found the lotion so easy to apply and it didn’t dry in too quickly so it was surprisingly really easy to blend in. The colour comes up very dark on the mitt but on the skin it’s just a lovely dark brown and gives you a good guide when applying.

St Moriz Dark Tan Lotion

I then left the tan on over night and in the morning showered off the base, I was very happy with the colour that I was left with. It was lovely and golden and completely streak free! It’s lasted over a week too which is really great results. I think one of the reasons I hadn’t tried this one was the price, it is only £4.99 which I guess made me a little wary, but now I am so glad it is this price as I can stock up on a few bottles without feeling guilty!

If you are new to tanning, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go and choose the lighter shade if you are a bit worried.

Here are my top 10 tanning tips to get you on your way:

1. Exfoliate all over, to get rid of rough skin and avoid patches!
2. Moisturise your elbows, knees and feet using an oil-free moisturiser and let it dry before applying your tan.
3. Make sure you use a mitt or gloves to avoid tanned palms.
4. Make sure you remove all make-up and deodorant.
5. Start from your feet upwards and bend your knees when applying it to avoid crease lines.
6. Take a look in the mirror – seriously so many times I have discovered a white part at the back of my leg I have missed!
6. Borrow your boyfriend/mum/sister/friend to do your back!
7. Take your time and don’t get tempted to over apply.
8. Wear dark clothing afterwards to avoid stains.
9. Allow 4-6 hours before showering so the tan develops to its potential.
10. Maintain it throughout the week with a good moisturiser.

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    September 19, 2014 at 07:47

    YAY for loving it too, I was worried because of the price and I also saw someones streaky review but it turned out perfectly on me I was very happy xxx

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