On Saturday afternoon I got to try my hand at something a little different. Zomato had invited me along to Villandry in Great Portland Street for a spot of flower arranging with Moyses Stevens , who seriously have the best looking flowers I have seen.  They are so beautiful, so do go and check out their site. They sell their flowers within Villandry’s front cafe, which also has a mouthwatering array of cakes and champagne truffles.

Villandry Cafe

Coconut and passion fruit cake

Villandry Cafe

Moyses Stevens at Villandry

Our class started with a demonstration on how to put our bouquets together, I swear I was watching intently as Moyses Stevens demonstrated so wonderfully, then managed to forget it all as we were sent off to our flower stations to recreate our own bouquets.

Moyses Stevens flower arranging

Moyses Stevens flower arranging class at Villandry

flower arranging

I decided to lay all the flowers out so I could get a real feel for what I was creating. Once I did that I was keen to get started and once shown the secret technique in putting them together I was on a roll. Each flower has to be placed in individually to get a rounded shape. I decided just to go for it and hope for the best.

Flower arranging at Villandry

Flower arranging at Villandry

I had the lovely Sheepa from Zomato alongside me who was also enjoying creating her very own. One thing I have learnt from this is how heavy flowers really are and how on earth you are supposed to hold them doing this. It also takes a lot of time so I have a new-found respect for florists everywhere. The tricky bit was tieing them up and getting them to stand up after cutting off the stems, which I eventually succeeded in.

Sheepa Zomato

Flower arranging with Zomato at Villandry

Flower arranging class at Villandry with Moyses Stevens

Pretty happy with my bouquet, the finishing touches was to secure and decorate them with ribbon and packaging, also for the extra tricky bit, water without spilling it out. Finally my floral bouquet was complete and I was extremely happy with it. The selection of flowers were so pretty and even though everyone had the same flowers, they all looked quite different in the end.

Floral Bouquet pink and purple

Adding ribbon to flower bouquet

Moyses Stevens Flower Class

Moyses Stevens flower arranging class at Villandry

After all that hard work, we were treated to afternoon tea. I delved in and enjoyed the sandwiches, cakes and rather large scones on display, washed down with some tea and a natter with Alexandra & Sheepa from Zomato, Snita from HerFavFood, Shikha from Why Waste Annual Leave? and Breeny from Musings of Bee.

Afternoon Tea at Villandry

Villandry Great Portland Street

Sandwiches Villandry Afternoon Tea

Cakes at Villandry Afternoon Tea

I had a lovely afternoon at Villandry and learnt a new skill along the way, although I won’t be giving up my day job just yet. We got to take our bouquets home, so I took mine for a stroll in my new floral dress from Oasis.

Oasis Floral Blue Maxi Dress | The LDN Diaries

If you fancy taking part in a flower arranging lesson, Villandry & Moyses Stevens have a masterclass the last Saturday of every month followed by Afternoon Tea. The workshop is £53 per person and includes a bouquet of flowers to take home and of course afternoon tea. You can also add a glass of champagne for an extra £8. For more information & to book visit www.villandry.com.