Sisleya le teint anti-ageing foundation review
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The £100 Anti-Ageing Foundation Testing Out Sisleya Le Teint

March 21, 2018

Sisley Paris is the ultimate luxury beauty brand and their black rose skincare line is one of my absolute favourites. One I will happily splurge on as I just love it so much and know that it delivers for my skin. So I was intrigued to try the anti-ageing Sisleÿa Le Teint foundation, which combines their skin care knowledge with make-up to create a formula that improves skin over time so it becomes more radiant, smoother and firmer, encourage less wrinkles and give skin a plumpness. That’s some pretty big claims and one I’ve never really seen from a foundation so I was excited to put it to the test.

Sisleya le teint anti-ageing foundation review

Coverage & Application

It is a liquid foundation with a light to medium coverage, but I would definitely say more on the light side. I liked the finish, it isn’t dewy or matte, it is sort of kind of somewhere in the middle. It made my skin looked radiant on application and it sat well with my other products such as my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer. The foundation has a pump, all hail the foundation pump which makes it easy to apply with a brush or sponge.


My colour in Sisleÿa Le Teint foundation is 1B Ivory, which I found is darker to my skin tone and lifted my face, I really wouldn’t go too much lighter than this as I tend to wear tan. There are only eight shades in the foundation, which is disappointing to see. Being already the third shade and I consider myself to be pretty pale, means the darker shades are few and far between and also on the lighter end of the spectrum too. I really think brands need to work to cater to everyone with foundation, after the Tarte Shape Tape drama and the amazing Fenty foundation launch.

Sisleya le teint anti-ageing foundation review

Did it last?

The foundation guarantees to stay perfect for 8 hours. Unfortunately this didn’t quite happen for me, I did start to see it fade and flake away from my nose, chin and mouth area. I used my usual primer and I also tried the Sisley Instant Glow Primer which I love to see if there was any difference. I also found the foundation over the day became much more matte on my skin, I have dehydrated skin and so this wasn’t great for me and I felt it left my skin dull and tired looking, the opposite of what it claims to do. I think this foundation could last on the right skin type, as the finish straight after application was lovely, just over time it didn’t work for me. The foundation also doesn’t have an SPF so you will need to apply this additionally.

Is it worth £100?

Sisleÿa Le Teint foundation is priced just over £100 at £104.50, which is one very expensive foundation. It has a really lovely packaging, a frosted glass bottle with a white and gold lid and it definitely has that lux feel to it. With the added Sisley skin care benefits, it slightly justifies the price of the product, this isn’t something you usually come across and Sisley skin care is expensive so it is in line with their other products.

For me I spend about the £30-£40 mark on a foundation. I go through foundation very quickly, so I couldn’t imagine spending £100 on one that often. As a nice treat foundation maybe, but for the benefits of this to work it has to be used regularly.

Sisleya le teint anti-ageing foundation review

Ultimately for this to foundation to work in the long run it has to work for you straight up, whether it’s the colour, texture or finish before we even get to skincare benefits. Sadly the foundation didn’t quite work for me, but even if it did I don’t think I could personally justify spending that much on a foundation. Again its personal choice, I would on a skincare product but not on make-up. I think if it works for you and you have the money to spend on it then yes it very well could be worth the price tag.

Would you splurge on this Sisley foundation?

Sisleÿa Le Teint foundation is £104.50 and available now at Selfridges & John Lewis.

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