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Which Giorgio Armani Foundation Is Right For You?

April 2, 2016

I’ve being using Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for about a year now I think. It’s my everyday foundation and I have tried many others, but just nothing seems to work as well for me as this one. I decided to try the Armani foundation after seeing numerous reviews and videos and just really loved the look and coverage it gave. I headed to the Armani beauty counter in Selfridges and got colour matched, they have an excellent range of colours for the Luminous Silk, 21 shades to be exact. I like my foundation a little darker than my true face colour, as I wear self tan and so my colour was matched as 4. It was the perfect colour and even when I don’t have tan on my face it still looks really good.

As well as the Luminous Silk Foundation they also have a few others I’ve been trying recently which may work better for you, so I thought I’d put together a handy guide to help you make a decision if you are considering opting for an Armani foundation. So first up I’ll start with the one I use, the Luminous Silk Foundation.

Giorgio Armani Foundation Review & Guide - The LDN Diaries

Luminous Silk Foundation

Like I said I just love the finish of this foundation, whether I apply it with a sponge or a brush it gives a flawless finish. With a brush I find I get more of a fuller coverage than the sponge, but it all just depends how you apply it. Tapping with a sponge can give a fuller coverage than swiping with it, so it’s just what you prefer really. Luminous as it sounds gives the skin a glow but nothing too shimmery or shiny, it is an oil-free and hydrating fluid that gives long-lasting and buildable coverage.

It has MicroFit technology which is a technique ‘that fused robust pigments and weightless non-opaque textures to create lightness and fluidity.’ Which is what I love about it, it feels like my skin can breathe and be skin. Compared to say MAC which I used a lot previously, my skin always felt like it couldn’t breathe under it. It also comes in a pump bottle, which makes it really easy to use.

BEST FOR – Long lasting natural finish, shades available (21), majority of skin types.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup SPF 30

This is Armani’s newest addition to the foundation line, Maestro Glow. This one is a very light coverage almost like a tinted serum and I can see it being perfect for summer especially with the SPF 30. Like the other foundations it has buildable coverage and that natural finish, just with much more of a glow. Maestro Glow has no water in it, instead it has a high concentration of nourishing oils, but without an oily effect on skin. The top oils balance for a non greasy effect, the luminous oils for a glow and the base with apricot, Passiflora and rice bran oils.

These oils are known for restoring the lipid balance in the epidermis and strengthening its natural defences for heightened skin radiance over time. There are nine colours in this foundation, again I am number 4. I really like this foundation and unlike the Maestro for me it’s much more suited to dry skin. At the moment I’m using it over my Luminous Silk Foundation on the cheekbones and forehead for an extra glow and coverage and then in Summer I’ll be switching to just this.

BEST FOR – Natural Glow, Highlighting, SPF, Dry Skin

Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation Review

Maestro Fusion Make-up

Maestro Fusion Foundation is great for those looking for a very matte finish. It’s a water and powder-free base with 5 time released oils that evaporate gradually to help skin feel moisturised and comfortable all day. It has a really great coverage, yet feels thin on the face, so not like you are wearing lots of make-up. Again another natural finish but enough to cover blemishes or redness. I found this one rather drying compared to the others, so I think it would suit a normal-oily skin. This one comes in a dropper, so not always easier to use, but definitely saves more product.

BEST FOR-  Matte Velvet Finish, Normal-Oily Skin, Easy To Blend

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation Review

To complement my Armani foundation I also use an Armani Beauty primer, which I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages. My favourite is the Fluid Master Primer, it’s so perfect for my dry skin and my face feels instantly hydrated and prepped for the foundation. Whenever I use another primer I just always go back to this, I love it. Another primer they launched recently which will compliment the Maestro foundation well is the Maestro UV make-up primer. This has SPF 30 in it and would work well for most skin types I think. It feels so soft to touch and can be worn under foundation or on it’s on for UV protection.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Master & Maestro Primer Review

Will you be trying Giorgio Armani Beauty foundation or do you use it already?

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  • Reply
    Shelley Jessup
    April 3, 2016 at 00:10

    Thank you soooooooo much for this, I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out from different reviews & blog posts, as well as youtube videos to which of the GA foundations would be best for me.

    • Reply
      April 3, 2016 at 00:15

      Glad it could help! Which one do you think you’d go for?

      • Reply
        Shelley Jessup
        April 5, 2016 at 17:30

        I’m thinking the Luminous Silk Foundation as I use Chanel vitalumiere aqua already & wanted another foundation that gives me a little more coverage. I also like the idea of the new Dior Forever foundation & umming & ahhing about Make Up Forever Ultra Foundation too. Think I’ll have to try & grab a few samples when I’m in London. Gosh this foundation business is stressful lol!

        • Reply
          April 5, 2016 at 17:32

          I think that would be a good one! I used to use Dior Forever, I haven’t tried the new one, but found it really drying and saw a massive change once I stopped using it. There are way too many to choose from! Definitely get some samples, best way! x

  • Reply
    April 8, 2016 at 17:34

    I need to find where I kept mine, I think I have the maestro fusion.

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