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August 16, 2017

Whenever I go for a facial I always end up ticking every box on the form when asked what types of products I use and so it got me thinking how many people would do the same. Being a beauty blogger I get to try a lot of products and this has developed into me having quite an extensive skincare routine. I value my skincare and so when it comes to beauty I would happily splurge on skincare over a cosmetic. Luxury make-up is lovely and some of it is great, but I would much rather spend the money on a really good skincare product than say a mascara I’m going to be done using in three months. Everyone is of course different, but being in my 30’s it’s important for me and I want to invest in my face, I want to keep my youthful look and if skincare products can help maintain that then I’m all for it.

Sisley Black Rose Review - UK Beauty Blog The LDN Diaries

My skin type is dehydrated which I have mentioned about before and I will be doing an updated routine very soon, but when my skin is looking pretty dehydrated the lines and wrinkles tend to get exaggerated, so I like to make sure my skin is hydrated at all times. Now one range I’ve always wanted to try is Sisley’s Black Rose collection. I’ve seen this range being highlighted as really great for dehydrated or drier skins and also for anti-ageing so I was eager to try it out. The range falls under the luxury skincare bracket, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you if you were also considering it.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

This is a cream mask that is said to give skin an ‘instant youth’, so how does it do that? It plumps skin and works on signs of fatigue to leave the skin looking more youthful and energised, as well as softening and hydrating the skin. The mask has a rose like smell and is slightly pinky in colour. It is quite thick, the texture I would say is quite similar to that of the La Mer revitalizing mask and when applied to the face it really feels like it’s locking in hydration. For me I love this mask, it’s so hydrating and my skin feels refreshed after I use it.

I like to use it before bed but sometimes for a pick me up throughout the day if I’m at home or on a flight too. I used this on my flight to Lisbon recently and my skin felt soft, plump and not dehydrated after flying. If your skin is oily, you might find this mask too thick, but for my skin type it’s absolutely perfect. Out of the three products, I would definitely not hesitate to purchase this when it runs out.

Sisley black rose mask review - uk beauty blog the ldn diaries
Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

This is Sisley’s latest addition to the black rose collection. It is a lightweight moisturiser that just like the mask aims to plump and hydrate and in turn reduce obvious lines and wrinkles. It encourages radiance from within and has ingredients like hibiscus flower extract and alpine rose extract, which are both rich in antioxidants and help combat any dullness. Again the cream is slightly pink coloured from the rose and it has a rose fragrance.

However if like the mask you were looking for a moisturiser that is really thick and creamy, then this is not it. It is very lightweight, almost like a gel when applied to the skin, which works well for the majority of skin types and is great for everyday under make-up. Personally I do like this moisturiser, but I do feel like my skin needs something a little more so I therefore layer this with the facial oil. This moisturiser is hydrating but is just not enough for me. I recently experienced a facial with Sisley and discovered that the hydra-global moisturiser cream was a slightly better fit for my skin.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Review

Sisley black rose day cream review

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging for the rose collection. I love how metallic pink it is and for the facial oil I love this bottle design. It’s dinky enough to make it easy to take travelling and it comes with a dropper which makes it easy to dispense too. So many times I have oils in the strangest bottles that just end up everywhere. This oil is delightful to use, it’s lovely and hydrating and feels like a drink for my dehydrated skin. My skin always feels back to itself after using this, plump, radiant and soft to touch.

I’ve always been a fan of oils, especially rose oil for its hydrating properties. I went through a stage of not using oils, then I thought what was what I doing, my skin needed them and now I use them in my routine nearly everyday. This one from Sisley isn’t sticky, it dries in quickly but keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. I just adore it.

Sisley Black Rose Facial Oil Review - UK beauty blogger

Sisley black rose collection is a special treat for the skin. If you are considering trying it out, I would recommend starting with the mask as it really is a stand out product.

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