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Winter Skincare – Yon-Ka Review

October 29, 2013

I was excited to try out these Yon-Ka products as the brand have a celebrity fan base which includes Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and beautiful Beyonce just to mention a few. Hailing from Paris, this luxury skin brand claim that 70% of their products have over 90% of natural ingredients, with the majority being paraben free and also that they deliver visible results, the excitement continues.

I wanted to test out some moisturisers as this time of year is when you need one at most. My skin can be very dry so for me it is vital to make sure I apply one morning under my make-up and also at night. What I really like about the Yon-Ka site is that you can have a tailor made product solution, you select your needs and it will recommend the products that will work best for you, so no need to read through hundreds of product descriptions.

Yon-Ka Review

For me I tried out the CREME PS and CREME 83, CREME 83 is a moisturiser to help hydrate and is for sensitive and delicate skin prone to dryness and also protects from harsh weather conditions, which is going to be great for winter. The cream itself isn’t too thick and dried in quickly, it left my skin feeling nourished for sure. CREME PS is quite similar and is again is for dry skin, it is vitamin-enhanced to leave skin feeling comfortable, supple and velvety, I felt it did just that. I find these two quite similar but both are effective for my face. As my skin tends to be more sensitive I can see me using the CREME 83 more. The only thing about them I disliked was the strong fragrance, they have a strong smell of lavender and I personally prefer an unscented product.

Yon-Ka Gommage 305 Review

I also tested out GOMMAGE 305 which is an exfoliating clarifying gel for dry and sensitive skin. The scrub removes dead skin cells, provides clarity for dull complexion, hydrates and balances the skin. I absolutely loved the feel of this product and I am so addicted to gel exfoliators now. There are no harsh beads and you simply rub it on your face, leave for 1-2 minutes and rub it lightly off and rinse off the extra. My skin felt so super smooth and refreshed, it was a lovely feeling.

Yon-Ka products are a little pricey coming but I always think its worth it for skincare, especially investing in a good moisturiser, it can make all the difference. Also CREME PS and CREME 83 are part of the age defense range, you can never start too early.

Find out more about all the Yon-Ka products and shop online for Yon-Ka here, have you ever tried them before?

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