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Bubbledogs – Hotdogs & Champagne

October 30, 2013

What I love about London is there is always somewhere you haven’t been before and this for me was Bubbledogs. After looking for a new restaurant to go to, someone on Twitter suggested Bubbledogs and I was sold straight away. Gourmet hotdogs served with champagne, that’s basically two of my favourite things right there and last night I went with Danny to give it a good P-Ho Diaries taste test!

Bubbledogs is situated just off Goodge Street in Central London, I was surprised I hadn’t seen it or heard of it before! You can only book for groups of 6 or more, so I was hoping we wouldn’t have a long wait when we got there. The queue itself was not too bad so we decided to join and was told about a half hour wait, in the end it wasn’t even as long as that so we were in. As you wait in the queue you can see the restaurant buzzing away as the barmen serve drinks.

Bubbledogs Review

Once inside I couldn’t wait for food, it was 9pm and I was starving! So your choices are a delicious selection of hotdogs, champagne and cocktails, sounds perfect for me. You can choose your hotdog in beef, pork or vegetarian. I decided to have the BLT hotdog which was wrapped with bacon, caramelised lettuce and truffle mayo and I went for the pork option. It was really delicious and the perfect combination, I am getting hungry thinking and writing about his.

Bubbledogs Hotdog

Bubbledogs TOTS

Danny had the New Yorker which came with grilled sauerkraut & NY street cart onions and a beef dog. We shared some sweet potato fries and ‘Tots’ which are little bites of potato goodness, they are so addictive, I think I actually ate them all.

New Yorker Hotdog Bubbledogs

Sweet Potato Fried Bubbledogs London

The champagne has a wide selection, you can order by the glass or bottle. We opted for a glass each which was a respectable £9-£11 a glass, with some starting as low as £6, now that’s a bargain!

Bubbledogs London

Bubbledogs Hotdogs and Champagne

I loved the experience of Bubbledogs and the food matched up to what I was expecting, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. Be prepared to queue though, we went around 8.30 on a Tuesday night and waited about twenty minutes, so choose your time wisely. Check out the yummy menu on the Bubbledogs site.

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  • Reply
    Jessica Edmunds
    October 30, 2013 at 14:42

    Omg this looks delicious!! Very very jealous x

    • Reply
      October 30, 2013 at 18:10

      Hey Jess Was so good, totally yummy! x

  • Reply
    October 30, 2013 at 17:12

    I’ve walked past a few times and keep meaning to go it, looks like I’ll definitely have to now!

    • Reply
      October 30, 2013 at 18:10

      I would, it’s really fun and so worth the wait! x

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