Lunchtime is very important, it is time to get away from your desk, chill out, pick up a few things, meet a friend and most importantly EAT!

This week I was introduced to a new site and concept which I think is really cool. is a site which puts together people who just want to meet for lunch, in the same area and spend their lunch hour either making new friends, sharing ideas, business meeting or even dating!
State why you would like to be having lunch and you even have the option to either pay, go dutch or NOT PAY and someone will for you! Amazing right?

It is currently in Beta but I can see this site really taking off, it’s a great idea and has the potential to be something awesome! If you would like an invite, leave me a comment and I’ll send you the oh so secret code…who knows we could be lunching together very soon!

Anyways today I went for lunch with my work mate Sonia Bonia to Wagamamas. Day after payday, its only right for a nice treat! I got the chicken ramen (every time) and Sonia got the Katsu curry (standard).


Chicken Ramen-noodle goodness


Me tucking in!


We got to talking about this Getlunched idea , dating and her perfect man! She is probably one of the sweetest, kindest people with no bad bone in her body and why so single? Well who knows, the worlds a shit place right! So I figured it my duty and call as the female ‘Hitch’ to pimp her out!

A few qualities we require in her male counterpart:

      -Laughs out loud


      -Walks with a straight back!?


      -Smarter than most of the world


      -6ft tall


      -Older man


      -Rides a bike


    -Likes the theatre

Sweet like Sonia

I like a challenge. If you are this person or know of this person, let me know, I am also happy to pimp out anyone else, just holla!

Arrivederci! I’m off to watch Celeb Juice!