How To Make Fried Oreos

Treat Yourself With Fried Oreos

May 17, 2014

Last year in Miami I discovered the best dessert at a restaurant called Prime 112, it was of course Fried Oreos, dusted with sugar. Now in America I understand these are pretty popular and can normally be found at fairgrounds but for me it was completely new and pretty much blew my mind, they tasted amazing!

So I decided to try my hand at making some at home and now the sun is finally out they would be a great treat for this sunny weekend if you are having a BBQ. Now you can make these in a pan but I was kindly sent this fryer to try from Tefal. The Filtra One is a deep fat fryer which is great for making anything that needs fried. I don’t know about you but I never manage to have my chips cooked quite right in the oven but in this they came out so crispy especially the curly fries! It also makes anything from chicken, to vegetables and of course Oreos!

To make your Oreos you will need the following…

1 cup of Plain Flour

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of milk

1 egg

1 pack of Oreos

Icing Sugar

Fried Oreo Ingriedients

Before I mixed up the ingredients I switched the fryer on and set the slider to the temperature. So for Oreos I put it to 190 degrees which is the temperature marked for chips. The oil takes a while to heat up so whilst it did I mixed up the batter together. I love how the fryer really controls the temperature of the oil, as in a pan it can get a bit out of control if gets too hot, so this is much safer. The fryer comes with a basket so it’s really easy for taking say chips out, but for the Oreos you need to put this to the side as they are going straight into the oil.

Tefal Filtra One Deep Fat Fryer

Tefal Filtra One Deep Fat Fryer

To make the mixture I poured the Plain Flour, sugar, milk and egg into a bowl and whisked it together until there were no lumps left in the mixture and it resembled a thick batter.

Making Fried Oreos

I took the Oreos and dropped them into the batter, making sure they were equally covered.

Making Fried Oreos

Making Fried Oreos

With the fryer the light goes out when the oil is hot enough, so you know when they are ready to go in. Taking a few I dropped them in slowly into the oil, it instantly bubbles up straight away. When you do this make sure to turn them using a spoon so they won’t stick to the bottom or you will end up with holes in the bottom of them.You can tell when they are ready as they will go golden in colour.

Making Fried Oreos

When they were ready I took them out and popped them down on a plate with kitchen towel to let the oil soak in. Then repeated the process with the rest of the Oreos. The last step is to cover them in Icing Sugar and eat whilst hot, they also taste great cold too, admittedly for breakfast!

Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos

These are such a sweet treat and I love them, the fryer made it so much simpler than using a pan like say I did for the Puffnuts as it controls the oil so much better and the smell of the oil is contained by the fryer too. Plus it’s so easy to clean out as it has a detachable sieve to get rid of the all the leftover Oreo bits.

Have you tried Fried Oreos before?

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