Natural History Museum

Dinosaurs & Diamonds

October 13, 2012

There is so many cool things to do in London it sometimes takes away from the museums or say things like the London zoo, that are always here.

I had never been to the Natural History Museum before so I figured a trip was pretty much on the cards. Down in South Kensington the museum holds the dinosaurs, an array of animals and some pretty neat stones and fossils. The building is stunning outside and in, it takes just a moment to take it in.

Natural History Museum

I had a really great day and learnt a few bits and pieces along the way, so wanted to share it with you. My favourite part of the museum is definitely the dinosaurs. It is quite unbelievable something this big walked across our earth, but in comparison to some of the giant whale bones I also seen, animals were clearly HUGE back in time.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum


dinosaur heads

dinosaur claw

history museum



One part I really liked was the expensive stones section. It had a collection of diamonds which was a private collection to which the owner gave to be displayed to the museum. It is called the Aurora Pyramid of Hope and is a stunning array of 296 naturally coloured diamonds which has taken over 25 years to collect. When put under ultraviolet light they glow, it was really amazing.

expensive stones

aurora diamonds

aurora diamonds

The museum is a really fun free day out, you should go along if you haven’t been. I managed to get this video of the moving T-Rex, which to kids I guess was quite scary!

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