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Were going to the zoo…

October 1, 2012

How about you? Sorry I couldn’t resist!

This weekend I made a trip to London Zoo, it was a brilliant day for going, sunny and not too cold as the Autumn chill creeps in. Being in London I have never actually been to London Zoo before so I was quite excited. I absolutely love going to see the animals and this visit didn’t disappoint, apart from there being no tigers, but they had been moved to another Zoo whilst they rebuild a new home for them, which looks like its going to be fab!

The Zoo is just up from Regents Park and Primrose Hill, such an idyllic location, I like looking at all the big houses around that area.

Taking my Zoo map as we got in, I realised it is pretty huge, so a plan was needed. First port of call was towards the meerkats who I kept expecting to see wearing dressing gowns and screaming ‘compare the meerkat’ at me. In this part of the Zoo there was also otters, a bat house and reindeers.



 I really wanted to see the Penguin Beach and see them getting fed so before lunch we went to Penguin beach which is pretty big and lots of penguins!

penguin beach

 There is a rainforest which is inside and super hot! Full of monkeys, sloths and birds. It was quite cute to see a monkey and sloth looking after each other. I never realised that pelicans were so huge, we saw them fighting over some food during feeding time.


monkey and sloth


There are so many animals in the Zoo I couldn’t possibly write about them all, but some of my favourites were the giraffes. I had never seen one before so pretty amazing. 


It was such a fun day out and I’d recommend going for something a little different to do.


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