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Grey Goose -Taste By Appointment

October 2, 2012

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to Taste By Appointment by Grey Goose, which is a an evening of cocktail making, taste testing and delicious food courtesy of the restaurant hosting the night.

I took my boyfriend Danny and this time it was being held at Bread Street Kitchen which is just up from St Paul’s Cathedral on funnily enough, Bread Street in East London. The restaurant is one of Gordon Ramsay’s newest so I was excited to go and see what it was like aswell as enjoying the fun night ahead!

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the hostess in the blue dress to a cocktail reception. The cocktail was called Grey Goose Le Fizz and was a mixture of Grey Goose, elderflower and soda water. It was really nice and I’ll definitely be ordering this at a bar in future. Canapes were being handed around including mini burgers, pizza and peppered cuttlefish which I really enjoyed.

grey goose le fizz

Taking our seats, I couldn’t help but wonder what all these magic potions and bottles in front of me was. Numbered 1-5 and A-D it was clear these were to help work out our tastes, in a number of taste tests. We enjoyed our cocktails and started to fill out our card which asked various questions to work out if you could be a ‘supertaster.’

grey goose taste by appointment

danny denhard

paula holmes

Joe McCanta, Grey Goose’s Brand Manager led the evening with Mario Ilir Neziri, General Manager at Bread Street Kitchen, on hand to answer any questions also. My score detected that I was indeed a ‘supertaster.’ However in the next part of the tests where I was able to taste things, it worked out I was not lol.

Bread Street Kitchen has such a fabulous interior. We were based in the bar downstairs, I was loving this picture of The Queen. Upstairs hosts the restaurant which looked very nice indeed.

bread kitchen

A great part of the evening is the ‘Amuse Bouche’ Grey Goose describe this as:

“Each of these fascinating taste experiences is designed to isolate a different element of taste in a creative and surprising way”

And this it does, I won’t spoil it for you, but I was very surprised by these experiments!

amuse bouche

We then worked through the different five tastes; Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty and Umani (savoury) and created our own perfect quantity of each. Whilst we did this a mixologist came round with his trolley and we were able to create our own cocktails from various sweet and sour mixers and different flavours of Grey Goose. I opted for clean Grey Goose, lemon sour and some spoonfuls of Agave and it tasted awesome, very lemony – oh and had another burger canape!

grey goose taste by appointment

taste by appointment at breads kitchen

Joe then gave us all a one-to-one consultation where he created a bespoke cocktail for each of us.

Mine was:

50ml Grey Goose vodka
20ml Vanilla Syrup
1 fresh strawberry
2 fresh raspberry
20ml fresh lemon juice
Rhubarb bitters

Garnished with fresh mint, rhubarb and strawberry slices!

They email the recipe afterwards so when that comes through I will definitely be recreating it, it tasted very fruity and sherbert like.  Danny likes orange based drinks so his creation was completely different to mine.

joe mccanta grey goose

grey goose taste by appointment

grey goose taste by appointment

It was a fun evening and great to be able to see what tastes I prefer and now I have my own cocktail I can always ask for. Bread Street Kitchen is lovely too, and I will certainly be going to try it for dinner as the canapes were really delicious.

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