My Luck, My Fate, My Fortune

October 15, 2012

After seeing the teaser clips for Brad Pitt as the face of Chanel No.5, the final trailer is here hurrah!

Entitled ‘There You Are’, Brad stands up and delivers a monologue beginning:

“It’s not a journey, every journey ends but we go on…”

Chanel No.5 to Brad Pitt is luck, fate and fortune and last of all “inevitable.”

The advert is far away from the glamorous adverts of previous for Chanel No.5, normally showing Paris or a glamorous leading lady. Remember the Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge style production? Brad’s advert is plain grey and simple, I’m not sure it really sells it to me. But then does Chanel No.5 sell itself?

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts?

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