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Miami – Meat Market

June 14, 2013

A stand out part of my holiday in Miami was the food. American food is great and HUGE. My tiny British stomach wasn’t quite ready for some of the portions.

One of my favourite meals I had was at a steakhouse called Meat Market based on Lincoln Road where you will find lots of restaurants and shops which are open till midnight, so I was regularly eating then shopping.

I adore steak and thought it was only fair to give it a good try out in the US of A! I had heard great things about this restaurant through Urbanspoon and people on Twitter so was really excited about going.  I made a reservation online and when we arrived were greeted by the hostess who took us to our seats.

From then on the service was impeccable – UK restaurants take note. I love good service and they had it perfectly. The waiter introduced himself, I think his name was Tim – forgive me if that’s wrong and hi if your reading! He was going to look after us all night and told us about any specials, recommendations, popular dishes, asked us what kind of food we preferred. It wasn’t too full on as you could imagine, just right. Throughout the evening our water was topped up and we were generally looked after very well without annoyance.

Inside the restaurant it had a nice interior with lighted glass running along the ceiling, wine bottles on display and plush leather booths to sit in.

Meat Market Miami

Now onto the food and drinks. I started off with a cocktail which was recommended by our server, as soon as I read the ingredients it instantly stood out with the watermelon and tequila and it didn’t disappoint.

HIGHLAND SANDIA – Avion Silver Tequila,  Cocci Americano, Fresh Crush Watermelon, Fresh Citrus, Agave Nectar

Meat Market Miami Cocktail

For starters my boyfriend and I shared some Asian BBQ Lamb Ribs , I didn’t want to eat too much before as I knew I had to make room for the big steak. These were so tasty, the sauce on them was extra more-ish! We were also given hot towels with lemons to clean our sticky rib fingers, beats a wet wipe any day.

ASIAN BBQ LAMB RIBS – Hoisin BBQ Sauce, Papaya Slaw, Peanuts and Cilantro

Meat Market Miami Asian BBQ Ribs - The P-Ho Diaries

Meat market Miami Hot Towels With Lemon

It was finally steak time, we decided to share the 32 Ounce Centre Cut Dry Aged Porterhouse, with A-100 BBQ Butter and MM Steak Fries which were absolutely huge. I had never seen chips this big! The steak was lovely, probably the best one I have ever had, just overtaking my Smiths of Smithfield favourite in London It came also with some truffle crisps on top, if you were wondering what that was.

Meat Market Miami Porterhouse Steak - The P-Ho Diaries

Meat Market Miami Fries - The P-Ho Diaries

I was way too stuffed for dessert but they all sounded so good, a few examples were Key Lime Cheesecake and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

I opted for a liquid dessert in the form of a Honey Bunny cocktail, I just loved the name and yes ok it did totally sway my decision.

HONEY BUNNY – Svedka Vanilla Vodka, Strawberry, Fresh Citrus, Col De’ Salici Prosecco

Honey Bunny Cocktail - The P-Ho Diaries

I had such a lovely meal at Meat Market and I recommend it if you’re visiting Miami or if you live there (hey American readers!)

Paula Holmes - The P-Ho Diaries

Meat Market on Urbanspoon

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