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I have recently been trying out a few products from the Mary Kay range and have discovered two new favourites. When it comes to eye make-up remover I barely part with my Simple eye cream remover, as my eyes are so sensitive and either will go all red or dry, it’s a constant battle and so therefore I stick to the same product. However recently my eyes had been quite dry and so I ventured into trying something new.

Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover Review

This is when I gave the Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover a go and instantly loved it. The product is a liquid formula that requires a bit of a shake and removed my eye make-up with such ease, one cotton-pad was enough and I never have seen my mascara come off so well. Every little tiny clumpy bit had gone, leaving my lashes mascara free and feeling really moisturised. The rest of my eye area has also improved using this remover, it leaves them feeling very soft and nourished and not dry in the slightest. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin users like myself. At £13 it’s a good price I think as it lasts a long time, I have plenty left and have been using it everyday. What can I say I am converted.

Mary Kay Botanical Cleanser Review

Another product I have really enjoyed using is the Botanical Effects Cleanser £13, another product suitable for sensitive skin and comes in normal-dry and also combination-oily skin. I have been using the normal-dry and really loved the way my skin feels afterwards. It easily gets rid of my make-up and also leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. As my skin tends to aid towards the drier side of the product, the flaxseed and sea kelp extracts which are known fatty acids help aid the moisturistion it needs. I love how it’s hypoallergenic and also fragrance free which makes it really enjoyable to use for my skin.

Mary Kay Review

Have you tried any Mary Kay products before? You can find out more about Mary Kay over on www.marykay.co.uk.