Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Spray Review
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6 Hair Styling Products I Can’t Live Without

April 10, 2018

I haven’t done a hair update in a little while. It seems like there is a new hair launch every day of the week right now and I’ve been trying out lots of products over the past few months. I feel like I now have some my absolute favourites, the ones I reach to every time I do my hair and the ones I know work for my hair type, that don’t overload my thin hair and really do make a difference to my blow-drying and styling.

Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Spray Review

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

I dived into the world of the Dyson hairdryer last summer and I haven’t looked back. I use it all the time and my other hairdryers are just collecting dust somewhere. This one really is a game changer and when I done my Dyson hairdryer review it was still quite new to me but now after having it all this time, I really couldn’t do without it. My hair drying time is dramatically shorter, my hair is thin but I have lots of it so my hair take ages to dry, but not now. It’s in better condition than ever before, the dryer helps to prevent heat damage and I love how light it is so my hand doesn’t get heavy holding it up. It’s an expensive purchase but one I now can’t recommend enough.

label.m Boar Bristle Brush

Ever since I started using a boar bristle brush I have seen a massive change in the way I blow-dry my hair, it seems to grip easier and style smoother. I previously had a Richard Ward one and more recently I’ve been using label.m’s new brushes. The brushes combine 100% natural boar bristles with nylon bristles, which makes it feel so much nicer. I often find some bristles can feel plastic like and really tug at the hair, so the combination is much better. They also help to promote shiny and anti-static hair. The brushes come in various sizes, for me I use the large and also the extra-large if I want to try a create a bouncier blow-dry. I’m not the best at blow-drying my hair at all, but these brushes have made it so much easier and my hair has a better finish.

label m boar bristle brush review

Moroccan Oil

I’ve tried numerous oils for hair and I always go back to Moroccan Oil. I apply 1-2 pumps on my lengths and ends before I blow-dry. It helps to keep it smooth, look healthy and keep any stray aways at bay. I’ve had numerous small samples, but this bigger bottle is great as it has a pump so makes it easier to get the right amount without me using too much product which can weigh down my hair. The key ingredient to Moroccan Oil is Argan Oil which helps to hydrate and nourish the hair and linseed extract is a fatty acid and helps to improve the condition of the hair. I just love it.

label.m Dimond Dust Leave-In Conditioner

If I’m not using the oil, I tend to reach for label.m’s diamond dust leave-in conditioner. I was so intrigued by this product, like does it really contain diamond dust? Am I being really bouji every time I do my hair? Well according to label.m, yes it really does. It has a micro-diamond complex of real black diamonds and white diamonds, pearl dust, champagne and white rose petal and coconut oil. I apply this before I blow-dry and it makes it really easy to blow-dry, very manageable and feeling soft afterwards.

Hair styling favourites

Cool Girl Hair By Sam McKnight

I first saw this product when my hairdresser James at George Northwood was using it on me to finish my style. It firstly smells amazing and then I was intrigued by the product line as I hadn’t heard of it before. Sam McKnight of course is a legendary hair stylist so to see he had a line of products was exciting. I decided to splurge on this and try it for myself at home. It’s ultimately a texturising spray and great for when I wear my hair wavy which is all the time at the moment. There are a few other products in the line, so one worth checking out.

Lee Stafford Chocolocks Gloss Boss

I’ve always been a fan of Lee Stafford products, aside from the fun packaging they constantly deliver. The Chocolocks range is similar to the coconut Coco Loco range, only this time it’s all about chocolate. The products actually smell like chocolate. I love the shampoo and conditioner in the range too, they always leave my hair feeling smooth and clean, however my favourite has been the Gloss Boss. I use this to finish my hair and add a spritz or two to the ends or spray it in the air and swish my hair through it. It adds a shine, a gorgeous chocolate smell and also stops it from looking a little dry if it is. It’s very lightweight and you don’t feel it in your hair at all. I hate being able to feel product in my hair, which is why I tend to use products before I dry my hair but with this I don’t need to worry about that at all.Favourite Hair Styling Products

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