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Go Coco Loco With Lee Stafford

December 29, 2015

Lee Stafford’s latest hair range is inspired by everything coconut, he is going ‘Coco Loco’ for it and so am I. I have been using this range for a few weeks now and not only am I loving the coconut scent on every product but have really seen some brilliant benefits for my hair, so it was definitely time for me to stop keeping the secret to myself and share with you my thoughts.

Coconut Oil has become such a key beauty product for me, whether it’s for my hair, nails or dry skin, its nourishing properties have just been unbeatable and Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco range is all about that – nourishment and repairing. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to really penetrate the hair shaft to reduce protein loss and in turn prevent damage and deeply moisturise hair. There are six products within the Coco Loco range including shampoo and conditioner, blow dry lotion and oil, a balm and a hair mask. I liked all of them after using, but for me there was two that really stood out the most.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Blow Dry Lotion Review

Coco Loco Coconut Spritz £5.99 – This is my favourite product in the range and so much so I now use it every time I wash my hair. It looks like a milk but acts like an oil and is a great spritz to detangle, refresh and revitalize hair by improving its manageability. I use this on towel dried hair before blow-drying and it really helps me to dry it in a much more manageable fashion. It leaves my hair frizz-free, sleek and smooth without being weighed down by any oil type products. I can’t actually imagine not using this now.

Coco Loco Blow & Go Genius Lotion £6.99 – This lotion is designed to make blow-drying easier and it has eleven reasons to use. It promises to improve shine, add softness, condition, smooth, strengthen, nourish, improve combability, help repair damage, protects against humidity, colour fade and heat. I loved the smell of it when blow-drying my hair and it definitely made my hair look lovely and shiny after drying. I found however the spritz worked better on my hair when blow drying, but I may need to try a combination of the two for the perfect blow-dry.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Review

Coco Loco Coconut Balm £6.99 – A great one for touch-ups or sealing down slicked hairstyles. Do you ever tie your hair up tight, think a Kim Kardashian ponytail and get all those annoying fly away bits? This is perfect for those moments, just slick some on it and it will hold them down. It looks hard in the pot, but just rub it between your hands and it will melt into an oil formulation, just like coconut oil.

Coco Loco Shampoo & Conditioner £5.99 each – If you love coconut you will love to wash your hair every day with these two, it leaves your hair smelling like coconut all day long. These were both good shampoos and conditioners, leaving my hair clean and nourished. I didn’t notice any outstanding difference from using these, so for that reason they probably were my least favourite in the range.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Mask Review

Coco Loco Coconut Mask £5.99 – What a joy to use! I love Lee Stafford’s hair masks, especially his grow longer mask and this one was just as great to use. Again it has the lovely coconut smell and I loved the tip on the back, to use the mask after shampooing and before conditioner, something I never do. I noticed a big difference from doing this and adding conditioner afterwards really helped to seal in the moisture gained from the mask. A lovely treat for the hair!

Are you going Coco Loco for this range? If so it’s available at Boots now.

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