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Best Steak In London

April 9, 2018

Despite what some people say, we are incredibly blessed for restaurants in London, especially for carnivores like me. We have access to cuts and types of meats that we have never before and there are always new restaurants opening with a focus on steak, for instance butcher and restaurant Boxcar in Marylebone.

Here are my personal favourite steak restaurants in London that I always recommend.

Mash Steak

MASH is a popular Danish steakhouse, yes the Danes know their meat, based in the Piccadilly area of Soho in London. The restaurant is based two floors down with a large bar as you enter and a classic American interior. Something else you might notice is the huge cuts of beef hanging in their display fridges between the bar and restaurant area, MASH always has the large cuts hanging there to entice you.

This is Paula and I’s favourite central spot for steak, they offer great sharing steaks, the Porterhouse is 1.3kg and you will always see groups ordering it. The steaks are served by weight and by different cuts so there usually is a steak for anyone. Something that makes MASH stand above others is they offer Paula’s favourite type of steak, the Japanese Wagyu and I’d say it is also a great choice for special occasions. I really enjoy the Uruguayan cuts and if you go there and are overwhelmed by choice the waiting staff are great at spending time and making recommendations. Look out for the sharing bread with the salted crust and the burger is definitely in my top burgers in London. Mash also pride themselves on their wine and cocktail selections.

MASH Steak - Best Steak In London

Hix Restaurants

Mark Hix has a good mix of restaurants in London. You will find HIX in Soho right opposite MASH Steak, so it is a good one if either is full. At HIX Soho you will find a mixture of dishes, seafood to steak and also a great cocktail bar downstairs, Mark’s Bar. Hixter Bankside again is a strong contender for a great steak but also the ‘cock’n’ bull’, a half chicken, half steak sandwich, which is a great lunchtime alternative to a steak and one of my favourites at lunchtime.

You might recognise Tramshed in Shoreditch from the giant Damien Hirst cow hanging from the ceiling. It has a similar menu to Hixter and offers either steak or chicken. Steaks are served in various cuts and just how you like it. A great place to go for the steak fans and chicken fans in one restaurant. If you like your roast dinner, a bit more steak like then also check out Hix Pharmacy 2 restaurant.

Smith and Wollensky

Based just off The Strand, Smith and Wollensky is definitely a go to if you like American sized portions, strong cocktails and sharing steaks. I would be incredibly impressed if you can finish two courses there, let alone a third. They offer a lucky dog bag if you would like to take your leftovers home (I know not very British). This is your American style steakhouse in London, so portions sizes are large, think 14oz and 21oz steaks. There are plenty of sides to choose from including my favourite the baked potato. Dessert is no lesser an alternative, with extremely giant cake sizes. All in all you really should come here hungry.

I’ve heard their weekend brunch is also supposed to be equally as impressive, so I will have to try that next.

Smith & Wollensky T Bone Steak - Best Steak In London

The Grill At The Dorchester Hotel

Probably not somewhere that you would think about straight away for a steak however it is one of the best steaks I’ve had in London. The Grill has incredible service and is somewhere you will be impressed by. The hotel is very grand and the restaurant is a little way in the hotel opposite the main bar. The Grill restaurant has a classic decor from when it was open in 1931 and something The Grill is proud of is their heritage, they also have an open kitchen which you will find yourself mesmerised by.

The menu offers two different cuts, the Angus cross ribeye steak aged for 35 days and a Black Angus beef fillet. They often also have a guest steak or sharing steak on the specials menu. The ribeye was one of the best steaks I have had and as someone who likes my steak medium it came out perfectly pink and was particularly juicy. On every occasion I have visited I have left thinking how great the steaks were. If you are looking to indulge in a side the mac ‘n’ cheese is a must order. Book to avoid disappointment and save room for the Soufflé collection, Paula has it in her top desserts in London, the Ron Diplomatico soufflé is a must order for rum and dessert fans.

The Bull Steak Expert

Holborn is not always known for its restaurants however it is home to one of my favourites in The Bull Steak. If you are looking for the authentic Argentinian steak experience this is a must visit. If you like Sirloin steak order the Corona de angosto, it’s a butterfly cut and is finished with a fried egg on the top.

As you would expect they offer some great new world Red Wines, their Malbec selection is fantastic and The Bull Steak also has the best chimichurri sauce I have had. A great one off the beaten track and if you love a real Argentinian experience.

Hawksmoor Grass Fed Bone in prime rib


Hawksmoor has become the go-to recommendation by many Londoners and rightly so. Hawksmoor has six restaurants in London alone and pride themselves on British cuts of beef and supporting British farmers. Hawksmoor’s all tend to have slightly different menus so I recommend taking a look before you reserve your table.

The newest restaurant in Borough Market is very good and offers some great sharing steaks including T-bone, Porterhouse and Chateaubriand. Paula and I tend to go for the Chateaubriand as you get the best flavours and mix of two very good cuts. You might also notice Hawksmoor offer a number of sides, very different to your typical steak places which tend to offer the same three or four sides. Air Street is known for it’s Sunday Roasts but also offers very good steaks.

My tip would be to go earlier in the evening away from the rush and look at their special boards as the smaller sharing steaks tend to go early.

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