001 skincare pure active peel review
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001 Skincare Pure Active Peel

September 14, 2015

001 skincare is one of my most used brands within my bathroom cabinet. I have about three skincare brands I use on a weekly basis and the product I am sharing today is most definitely a weekly occurrence, but saying that everytime I use it I see it as an absolute treat. The Pure Active Peel is a great product for after summer and I actually recommend it as my top product of the month in the upcoming Pure Beauty magazine so look out for that if you are a subscriber.

So what is Pure Active Peel? It’s an exfoliator scrub and peel in one. After summer, exfoliation is essential to enhance skin growth metabolism and encourage cell turnover to rebalance the skin. The scrub is specially formulated with a combination of natural AHA acids and active enzymes which gently melt away blackheads and exfoliate away dead skin cells that lead to clogged pores and a dull complexion.

001 skincare pure active peel review

The texture of the pure active peel is effectively like a sugar scrub, although much smoother on first putting in on your fingers. It’s only when you start to rub it on your face is when you get that sugar like feel. This is the muscovado sugar and it will help to remove any dead skin cells. The blend of special plant oils attract excessive sebum within the pores and brings it to the surface whilst the pineapple enzyme dissolves it. Just by rubbing this on, it works its own magic and then just rinse off. I like to use a muslin cloth to wipe it away.

It leaves my face so soft and smooth feeling which is from the marine algae and shea butter that help to nourish and moisturise. I like to use it once a week, to really reap the benefits of my moisturisers and serums and let them soak into the skin. It’s definitely a great product to prepare your skin for this autumn. My skin also looks brightened and less dull, so a good one if you are tired looking and need an uplift. It is basically just amazing!

001 skincare pure active peel

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