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001 Skincare Silk Skin Mask & Rosa Damascena Essence Mist

April 22, 2015

If there was one word that could describe 001 skincare for me, it would be elegance. This Asian-inspired skincare brand was created by aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi. Ada grew up in Hong Kong and was surrounded by the traditional apothecary methods used by her elders to restore health to the skin, body and mind. With this in mind and now living in London she wanted to create skincare that would take these principles but work within our modern lifestyles and urban environments and ‘return skin to a state of natural equilibrium’.

Living in London, I myself feel my skin really suffers from the busy lifestyle, the everyday stresses and of course the pollution around us in the city. 001 skincare has a range of products that my skin has pretty much been crying out for. Such as the Omega-rich marine algae concentrate which helps to strengthen the skins hydro-lipid barrier or the anti-oxidant rich cream with plenty of Vitamin E.

001 Skincare Rosa Damascena Essence Mist

I gave the Silk Skin Mask Sheets and the new Rosa Damascena Essence Mist a try. These mask sheets are so fine and make sure that any product applied is really soaked into the skin and in turn enables a deep hit of hydration. For me this is something that is so important, I do suffer from dry skin, but more in patches than all over and also recently the real misconception that I had was that my skin was dry, when in actual fact it is dehydrated. They are both similar but in fact very different so really easy to think you have one or the other when it comes to skin concerns.

001 Skincare Silk Skin Masks

Each mask is made of natural silk fibres which contain natural proteins that can be identified by our skin. This creates a regenerating effect that enables it to guide the complementing products nutritive ingredients to be infused into the skin. I have never tried using a silk mask before so it was a completely new experience for me. You only need a small amount of product in the mask and they retain maximum moisture.

001 Skincare review

With the mask I used the 001 Rosa Damascena Essence Mist which contains 98% rose water. This mist really helps to hydrate the skin. You can use it on its own too, either over make-up or after cleansing to tone, so it has plenty purposes. To use with the mask I took one of the silk masks from the pack and removed the outer layer. Then placed it into the container which comes with the masks. Poured in a little of the Rosa Damascena Essence Mist and then made sure it was soaked in the product. Then with the blue side facing out place the mask on your face. Take off the blue part and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

001 skincare Damascena Essence Mist review

The Rosa Damascena Essence Mist is a great one to use with these as it will instantly give your skin moisture, leaving it looking toned, smooth and brightened. Plus the smell is super lovely, you can really sit back and relax in these. I really enjoyed using the silk skin masks, they are so easy and there is no faffing about with creams and then getting it everywhere. It’s quick to apply and put on and there is no need to wash anything off, just rub any additional product in. It feels so light at first I felt like I really needed more product on it, but it only needs a little to leave your skin feeling so refreshed.

The 001 Silk Skin Sheet Masks are £35 for a pack of 10 and the Rosa Damascena Essence Mist (£48 for 100ml £28 for 30ml). Both products are available from 001skincare.com and also from the new beauty department at Fortnum & Mason.

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