My Happy Place – London Zoo

May 13, 2015

Working freelance means that I don’t always get a weekend off, in fact most weekends I can be found working away. This does however mean that I can take days off when I want to and that’s exactly what I did on Monday. I definitely needed to take a break away from the laptop and emails, sometimes it’s just so hard to switch off.  Therefore I definitely needed a trip to my happy place.

London Zoo penguin

I absolutely love London Zoo, probably because I just love animals so much and the fact I don’t have a pet, this lets me get close to them and I don’t think I have ever got over the fact I am standing in front of a gorilla. It was a gorgeous sunny day on Monday too, so Danny came with me and we had a fantastic day out at the Zoo. I especially loved the new ‘In With The Lemurs’ where you can get up and close next to them, weirdly we got greeted by all of them calling for about 3 minutes, which was spectacularly weird. There are plenty new baby animals too, it was amazing to see the young gorilla clinging to its mum and also to see how big Jeff the sloth had got, it was his first birthday on Monday too. I also visited the butterfly tent which I hadn’t before, they really take centre stage in the photos.

I hope you enjoy the photo diary and my happy place, as much as I do.

Lemur | In With The Lemurs | London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Lemur | In With The Lemurs | London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Lemur | In With The Lemurs | The LDN Diaries at London Zoo

Lemur | In With The Lemurs | London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Sloths at London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Gorilla at London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Camel At London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Llama at London Zoo | The LDN Diaries

Llama at London Zoo



Butterfly at London Zoo


Clear winged butterfly

Butterfly with black and white wings


Giraffes at London Zoo

Tiger at London Zoo

Penguins sunbathing

penguin swimming

Penguin swimming


My Summer Wish Lyst

May 13, 2015

When it comes to making wish lists, I don’t need to be asked twice. I love shopping online and I love when sites have wishlist options, there is something quite satisfying about making a list of things you want to buy. Plus I always tend to decide from that a few days/weeks later what I really need rather that going on impulse. So when it came round to using Lyst, which is based around that exact thing, making lists, I thought I’d put together some pieces I am lusting after this summer.

Lyst Summer Wish List

View my Summer Wish List

There are so many lovely pieces around for SS15 from luxury to high-street. On Lyst you can search for items via the category menus or type in the search bar what you are looking for. You can also select by price, colour and designer. Lyst also creates a ‘New For You‘ section which when you sign up it asks you what designers you like and based on that it then compiles a ‘New In’ section just for you, how cool is that!?

From my ‘New For You‘ section I picked out a few of the above items including the Mara Hoffman bikini, how beautiful and the Anya Hindmarch beach bag. These are of course both ridiculously expensive, so as much as I can dream of having these holiday pieces, what I will be waiting for is for Lyst to tell me they are on sale. Once added to your own lists on Lyst, it will notify you via email when the item goes on sale, so you don’t miss out. I do like to buy things straight away but when it comes to summer clothing I do like to wait as I just know it will end up in the sale a couple of weeks later.

Gucci Shoes on Lyst

View my Gucci shoes list

I also discovered jewellery brand Venessa Arizaga, I hadn’t heard of the brand before but came across it when searching bracelets and just fell in love with the cute designs. The Gucci espadrilles are so lovely for a beach holiday and if you have your eyes on some Gucci shoes for summer, then why not make a Lyst? You’ll be notified they go on sale and watch the envy amongst your friends once you are sporting a pair!

It’s so easy to sign up to Lyst and start making your own lists. You can follow me on Lyst here and sign up to start making your own at

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Summer Nails w/ Mavala & Stylfile

May 12, 2015

I have been so converted to doing gel nails at home that I had sort of forgotten the annoyance of painting my nails more than every two weeks.  However when I got sent a few new nail goodies to try I decided today to put away the gel kit and have a bit of a play!

First up we have the Stylfile, which was created by The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau and he has added two new products to the best-selling line. These are the Stylfile Infuse £12.99 and the Mani Pro £8.99.

Stylfile Review

The Stylfile is a curved nail file but this time it has been combined with almond cuticle oil located at the top of the handle. In theory this file should be fantastic and it is, but then also sadly it’s not. I really liked the curved file, which is just in genius in itself and the biggest help when doing your nails and I do like the cuticle oil and how handy it is with the nail file.

Stylfile Infuse with cuticle oil review

However I found when using it that the oil seemed to always spill out a little and result in it all over my fingers, it also wouldn’t be one I would want to chuck in my handbag for fear of this happening. I did make sure the cap was on properly but for me it just kept happening. The plus side though is it does come with two extra heads.

The Mani Pro however I really loved. Again it has the S shape, but instead of a file it has the four main buffering parts, all numbered and really easy to use. Tucked away inside the Mani pro, is a cuticle pusher and cuticle neatener, which I just thought was so handy and great to carry around on a day-to-day basis and for travelling too. I found the curved buffer worked really well with the nail and made them lovely and shiny and a smooth surface for applying nail polish.

Stylfile Mani Pro

Stylfile Mani Pro

I have also been trying out the new Spring/Summer collection from Mavala entitled the Garden Party collection. There are six shades in the new collection and they are all beautiful pastel and bright colours. These shades I would say are very ‘me’, I tried out Hortensia, a bright light pink, Jasmin, a beautiful light pastel and subtle pink and also Iris a light pastel purple.

Mavala Garden Party Nail Polish

Mavala Garden Party Nails

Inspired by florals, the colours are just perfect for summer and go on lovely and smooth with a high shine finish.I really love the dinky brush as it’s just so much easier for applying.

Mavala Garden Party

Mavala Garden Party Hortensia

I really enjoyed using these shades that I might have to give up the gel for a little while anyway. Mavala Garden party nail polishes are priced at £4.75 each from Boots.

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Make-Up Tutorial – Jennifer Lopez Met Ball 2015

May 10, 2015

For today’s video I have put together a make-up tutorial inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s beauty look from last weeks Met Ball Gala. I liked her red/orange eyes and how she had slightly made them more dramatic, she had a gorgeous J-Lo glow, a light lip and the overall look I think worked really well.

Watch the video to see how to recreate the look, enjoy!

Shop The Video

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The Refinery Regent’s Place

May 8, 2015

The Refinery at Regent’s Place is Drake & Morgan’s latest addition to its restaurant collective. The popular restaurants have been popping up all over London and I have been mighty impressed by what I have tried so far. The Refinery takes a Scandinavian style across its slightly smaller than its sister venues, one-floor eating and drinking area.  With wooden flooring and a chunky oak bar, the seating is laid out in comfort with relaxing laid-back chairs and whilst we visited, blankets and even hot water bottles if you fancy braving the outdoor seating later in the evening. Even though the space isn’t the biggest and the bar can get pretty full, we still felt separate enough from the bar to eat.

Refinery Regents Place Review | The LDN Diaries

When we visited they were just about to turn into their summer menu the next day, so we still got some of the winter favourites as well as a few specials to tempt us into the summer menu.

The Refinery Regents Place | The LDN Diaries

We started with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and two starters, I chose the crispy wquid with firecracker sauce and ginger, I am not one for spice but the sauce was really easy on the palette and not spicy in the slightest which was a big relief from me. The squid was crispy and tasted just spot on. Danny ordered the meatballs which came with goats cheese and pine nuts in a bowl, not quite what I was expecting when he ordered them, but he liked them all the same.

Wine glasses

Wine Bottle in Cooler

Fried Squid, ginger and firecracker sauce | The Refinery |

Meatballs with pine nuts and goats cheese | The Refinery |

For mains I went with fish and chips, a rather large piece of haddock and a large portion of chunky chips with tartare sauce. The fish was absolutely perfect, so tasty and a very big portion. Danny had the chicken thai red curry with basmati rice, it came in the cutest pots to help yourself from and had just the right spice level and with large pieces of chicken.

Haddock and chips | The Refinery | The LDN Diaries Lifestyle Blog

Indian curry tins

Red Thai Curry | The Refinery | The LDN Diaries

Red Thai Curry | The Refinery | The LDN Diaries

As they were giving a peek at some of the new items on the summer menu, I was able to order eton mess for dessert, this was full of meringue, cream and strawberries, really fantastically put together and again perfect for summer. Danny had the baked alaska which looked pretty impressive when it was brought out.

Eton Mess | The Refinery | The LDN Diaries

Baked Alaska | The Refinery | The LDN Diaries

It was good to get a sample of the one of the new desserts and I’d definitely go back to try some of the dishes on the new menu. The service was to a high standard and of course the food complimented this. Another thumbs up from us Drake & Morgan.

To book or browse the menu, visit The Refinery Regent’s Place online. If you like the look of this restaurant then check out my other Drake & Morgan reviews: The Folly, The Fable, The Drift and The Happenstance.

Mens Lifestyle

Philips StyleShaver Waterproof Shaver & Styler

May 7, 2015

I was gutted when my four-year old Philips beard trimmer died, replacing a trimmer does not seem a big deal, but for me it’s been a bit of a problem with so many products available and with some just not doing their job well enough. I have four trimmers in the bathroom cabinet and only one does a good enough job.

Philips Style Shaver Review | Men's Lifestyle

With the Philips Styleshaver what grabbed my attention was the fact it has three features; trim, shave and style. Something else that swayed me was the fact it is waterproof, allowing me to shave both wet and dry. Not many trimmers or all in one products offers all three functionalities as well as the waterproof feature.

Philips Styleshaver Review | Men's Lifestyle The LDN Diaries


There are two key features with this one, the ability to shave both wet and dry. Personally I prefer shaving with a razor and as suggested in my everyday shaving routine, I have never got quite a close enough shave with an electric razor. I have however tried the dry shave function a few times when in a rush and it seems to works well.

Philips Styleshaver Review


Even those with longer beards will appreciate the style feature. I really like that it has two heads, one for ultra precision and the other for areas needing a longer head. The head has a quick and easy spin feature and allows you a very precise style without worrying about the amount of hair you might be removing. I can see many guys using the smaller head to trim the more annoying or elusive hairs around the lips, ears and around the neck.

Philips StyleShaver | Mens Grooming The LDN Diaries Blog

Philips Style Shaver | Mens grooming on The LDN Diaries blog


The trim feature is the one most people will probably buy the all in one for. It has 12 different lengths which are super easy to change with a twist to the left or right. Something to keep in mind, the trim feature is ultra close so beware if you do not know the required length. Start longer and go shorter. What’s great about the trim feature is the lengths go well over 5mm which is where the typical trimmers stop at and allows you to keep a longer length and take some of the weight out (again perfect for longer beards) and will reduce you having to visit your barber regularly to keep it to your desired length.

Philips Styleshaver Waterproof Trimmer | Mens Grooming on The LDN Diaries lifestyle blog

The trimmer goes up in 1mm steps allowing you to get the perfect length for you, so if you prefer the 5 o’clock shadow this will work for you, if you like to vary lengths the trimmer is great too. It’s also great for guys who prefer the three-day unshaven look. Personally I keep mine slightly longer than stubble and worked well for me.

So lads to the important questions:

Favourite feature?

Personally I like the style feature with the different length heads, this is because I am really particular with the way I like the style to my beard especially around my lips.

Does it work?

Yes and works really well, I would say be very careful when trimming your beard, my recommendation would be to start with a longer length and go downwards, I found the lengths different to my other trimmer and the 5mm was shorter on the Philips.

Philips Styleshaver review on mens lifetsyle blog

All in all the Philips StyleShaver is worth the little extra you might normally spend on your trimmer and definitely worth it if you like keeping your facial hair looking good and giving you the freshly groomed look. The Philips StyleShaver is £89.99 and available from Boots.