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Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms

October 11, 2021

The Yayoi Kusama exhibition is finally at Tate Modern after being postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic and when tickets were released I tried my absolute hardest to get some and failed miserably.

Fast forward a few months and I decided to have a look to see if any tickets were available and to my surprise there were. So I signed up as a Tate member straight away and this week I finally got to head down and take a look.

The tickets are available for all, but the only tickets left were for members so I figured it was worth it and have already checked out a few more exhibitions at the gallery already.

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Room Tate Modern London

This exhibition has two Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms, the first you will visit is the Chandelier of Grief and the second has a water walkway and is filled with multi-coloured lights.

Before you enter these you will learn of Yayoi’s life and her battles with her mental health and hallucinations, which reflects in her work with mirrors, dots and repetition.

There is also the opportunity to see one of her mirrored sculptures that you most definitely need to take a look through.

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room London
Yayoi Kusama Tate Modern London

Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life, has coloured lights that simultaneously change colour whilst you walk on the walkway, with the lights reflecting off the water and the mirrors that surround you. It really is mesmerising.

Yayoi Kusama Mirror Room

Chandelier of Grief centres around the main chandelier as flashing lights go on and off and reflect across the mirrors. I feel like the images I took in this room captured things even my own eye missed.

Yayoi Kusama Chandelier of Grief
Yayoi Kusama Inifinity Room London

I’m so glad I got to see this and I no doubt will go back for another visit before it leaves!

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms is currently at Tate Modern until June 2022, book tickets here.

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