Whats In My In-Flight Beauty Bag
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What’s In My In-Flight Beauty Bag?

May 4, 2016

Later this week I’m heading to New York and I’m probably going to be that person everyone stares at on the plane, as I carry out my in-flight beauty routine with all my products. But as I have dehydrated skin I can’t risk the dehydrated air in the cabin. It’s actually been a massive help to have to do this post earlier as now I know exactly what I’m taking with me and what I managed to cut down on. I love travel sizes but I really love taking my own products more, so I used to always take little pots and bottles.

Anya Hindmarch In Flight Beauty Bag

Anya Hindmarch Case | Laurige Embossed Passport Holder | Holistic Silk Eye Mask

However now I discovered the absolutely amazing in-flight beauty bag from Anya Hindmarch. The bag is clear and has two compartments ‘Take Off’ and ‘Touch Down’, the take off of course being all your products for taking off on the plane and then touch-down for landing. I love this idea, it’s cute and practical and also I have heard from others you can actually take this bag through security so no need to empty out your liquids into another clear plastic bag.

So here are my essentials and how I’ll be using them throughout the flight.

Anya Hindmarch travel case

Take Off

Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray 100ml – Buy Here

To keep my skin hydrated throughout the flight, I’m taking this water mist to spray throughout. As I’m going to be applying a mask it’s also good as a pre-mask skincare, it helps the mask then to be soaked up more and deep into the skin dermis. As it’s a long haul flight it will be a nice pick-me up too and also helpful for wetting my beauty blender if I take one for make-up application on touch-down.

Cloud 9 Tranquility Ultra Soothing Cream 50ml – Buy Here

Cloud 9’s Tranquility Cream is designed for dry, damaged skin and is proven to effectively treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. I have slight dermatitis on my face so I’m going to apply this on the plane as a face mask, which will help to keep it hydrated with the Avocado Oil and Vitamin B12 will leave my face looking refreshed.

Institut Eau Cellulaire Water

Missha Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patch 

I recently tried the Missha Deep Sea Water all over face mask and it was amazing. It made my face so hydrated and soft, so I picked up these for my under-eye for the flight out.

Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment 28g – Buy Here

I love this eye cream from Kiehl’s it’s so hydrating and so after my eye patches I’ll apply a bit of this to keep my eyes hydrated and also great for before I apply any make-up on landing, as well as on the flight back for my evening skincare routine.

The White Company Spa RELAX 10ml – Buy Here

This is a mini rollerball pulse point from The White Company in their spa range. It has lavender, clary sage and peppermint to help sleep or de-stress. As our flight back is a night flight I always struggle to sleep on planes and thought this would help. It can also be good if you are a nervous flyer to de-stress.

What's In My In-Flight Beauty Bag

Dr Hauschka Night Serum & Holistic Silk Eye Mask 25ml – Buy Here

Perfect for the flight back as I really do struggle to get sleep. I absolutely love this Dr Hauschka serum, it has such a calming smell and has apple blossom and apple hydrosol to support the skin’s natural rhythm whilst you sleep. The sleep mask from Holistic Silk is lovely, it’s so soft with a velvet side and a silk side and smells of lavender. So fingers crossed this is going to help me get some sleep.

Ren Vita Mineral Lip Balm 15ml – Buy Here

I get the driest lips so a lip balm is a must for me especially on a plane. I can’t got 20 minutes probably without ever applying one. I’ve been really liking this one from REN recently so this will be my go to.

Simple Facial Wipes – Buy Here

These are an essential, alongside my tweezers and toothbrush I always have face wipes. Great for wiping off excess mask or even wiping hands from anything gross. I love how they come in mini travel size and just ideal for taking with you when travelling.

Anya Hindmarch In Flight Beauty Bag

Touch Down

Pixi H20 SkinDrink Pure Hydration Gel 35ml – Buy Here

I’ll be using in place of my moisturiser on touch down, to lock in that hydration I’ve been keeping from all my previous products. It’s so light and isn’t sticky in the slightest so a great base for make-up, which I’ll be doing before I land, as well plenty of time to do it rather than rushing at the hotel when all I really want to do is go and explore. This will keep my face looking fresh and ready to go!

Hylamide HA Blur 30ml – Buy Here

I always use a primer before make-up so I’ll be taking this Hylamide HA Blur, which hydrates as it blurs the skin. If whatever reason I did decide not to put make-up on, then this will be great to keep my skin looking smooth and give it that ‘blurry look’ as it reflects the light and hides pores. It also helps keep skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid.

Hylamide HA Blur

Kitsch Headbands – Buy Here

To keep my hair out my face I’ll be taking these cute headbands and bobbles from Kitsch. They are super comfortable and just have the cutest designs.


I will be applying make-up on landing, my essentials are my IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer, Kylie Lip Kit, Nars Blush, La Roche Posay BB Creme, Elizabeth Arden Mascara and Anastasia Brow Wiz.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a snoop in my in-flight beauty bag and maybe picked up some ideas for traveling yourself. The Anya Hindmarch bag has so much room in it, I could easily add more if needed, if you like the look of it, you can buy it here. Just remember to make sure all your products are under 100ml.


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    The Purley Girly
    May 4, 2016 at 12:13

    I love that little case, what a brilliant idea. Have a wonderful time Stateside, can’t wait to read about your travel adventures. x

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    Mehreen A
    May 4, 2016 at 12:50

    Thats a pretty cool idea for a case, I love the two compartments x


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