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In-Flight Beauty Tips

March 25, 2014

When I travel I definitely have never really thought about looking after my skin during the flight, but recently I have been reading up on tips to have you stepping off the plane looking refreshed, healthy and awesome just like Victoria Beckham. I also got talking to Nuz Shugaa a celebrity facialist at a recent event, Nuz has worked for over 25 years as an exclusive and bespoke facialist and recently worked at the BAFTAs and The Oscars so she is no stranger to an A-lister crying out for help over a spot!

I asked her for some advice on in-flight beauty and here is what she had to say…

– During a flight your skin can get really dehydrated, what do you recommend to combat this?Nus Shugaa

Jet lag skin is not a great look. Not only does it age you but the skin can feel so thirsty. I recommend applying a multi-balm. Try Rodial’s – it’s one of my favourites. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, E45 has great moisturisers that can lock in moisture and protect the epidermis.

– Travelling a lot can be pretty stressful, if your prone to break-outs what do you suggest to help with this?

I just recently worked at the BAFTA, Golden Globes and Oscars with many A listers. My life saver was the Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream for spots and breakouts.It works in less than four hours and has no drying effects and is fantastic value for money at just £7 and most of all, it really works.

– Make-up on a plane? Yes or No?

It’s best to wear as little make-up as possible on journeys, as it dries out and clogs the skin, so you can cause unwanted breakouts. As soon as you get on a flight you should remove all make-up and apply a facial spritz every two hours. Rodial Dragon’s Blood spritz or Caudalie Grape Beauty Elixir are my favourite options.

– What’s your ultimate beauty tip for traveling?

Invest in a good quality facial oil. I prefer using an organic one that will cleanse skin as you massage it on. Leave it on while you sleep and before you arrive, blot with tissue and apply your make-up on top. Your skin will be glowing and will look amazing.

In-Flight Beauty Products

Rodial Multi Balm £35Rodial Dragon Blood Tonic Spritz £29Clearasil Rapid Treatment £7Optrex Eye Revive Mist £13Caudalie Grape Beauty Elixir £32Aesop Rose Facial Oil £51Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow £38.50

After listening to Nuz’s great advice I’ve compiled my own little checklist for in-flight!

1. Make-up Off

I’m definitely one for always wearing make-up to the airport and on the plane. Of course I don’t want to walk off the plane without it, but I had never really thought of taking it off on the plane and then reapplying it before I get off, which is what I think I might try. I might even just wear a BB Cream to the airport seeing as it’s going to be quite early in the morning and hopefully no-one will see me!

2. Moisturise & Hydrate

I’m definitely going to try applying a facial oil to keep my skin hydrated and I love the idea of the facial spritz. Optrex have a fantastic eye mist which is great for cooling and moisturising your eyes so I’ll definitely be using that.

3. After Flight

I’ve been considering purchasing Charlotte Tilbury’s WonderGlow to apply before getting off the plane as it’s said to give you a great glow on its own or under foundation.I also recently have tried some of Time Bomb’s cocktails, not alcoholic but in fact complexion cocktails, but they target different problems including tired skin, stressed skin and their new cocktail with a shot of H2Omega for dehydrated skin which will be perfect for using after flying to help the jet lag. Look out for a review coming soon!

I’m flying on Sunday to New York and the flight takes about 7-8 hours, so I’m going to have plenty time to follow my new in-flight beauty tips!

Do you have any beauty tips or products you would recommend?

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