What To Wear To Ladies Day

What To Wear To The Races

April 8, 2015

This Saturday is one of the biggest horse races on the calendar. The Grand National 2015 takes place at Aintree, but the day before also sees ladies day where all manner of outfits will be on show for the day. At Aintree there is no official dress code like Royal Ascot, so you definitely have a lot of ladies peacocking in colourful, loud and sometimes crazy outfits. The dress code says dress smart with hats being optional but often worn, no fancy dress and no sports wear. Aintree has also said they will ban photos of badly dressed women. With that in mind and my bets placed, here’s how to look less ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Grand National’ and more ‘My Grand National’, own it ladies.

My Big Fat Gypsy Grand National

There are four key elements to your ladies day outfit, the dress, the bag, the shoes and of course the hat. Here are my top style picks and tips to help you choose!

The Dress

The dress is your key item for the outfit. Either go for something plain and jazz it up with accessories or go bold and printed. I recommend a knee-length or just above the knee dress, anything longer could just get soggy in the mud and leaving you looking more like a dragged through the fences Cinderella. Currently the weather is looking good for Friday, but you can never be sure, so go for something a little more covered up as it’s still early Spring.

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The Shoes

Shoes can make or break a dress. Make sure they match well, if going for a plainer dress, go for a funky shoe like these feather heeled sandals from Little Mistress or bright coloured heels from Sophia Webster. Otherwise keep them simple and choose a sandal or a peep toe. You are going to be in these heels all day, so make sure they are sensible in that you can actually walk in them! Oh and pack plenty plasters. Get your feet race ready with the Scholl Express Pedi, I can’t express how awesome this is for your feet, especially in summer.

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The Bag

You need a bag that matches your outfit, isn’t too big to carry and of course fits everything in. Essentials ladies – make-up, camera, phone, purse, plasters, spare pair of flats….it’s a hard job. These clutch bags are key, they are big enough to fold everything in and still leave you feeling stylish.

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The Hat

It’s up to you whether you go for a hat. There are two options, full on hat or a fascinator which is my preferred option. It’s hard work to find a hat that matches, so if struggling then a fascinator can be the way to go and is also a bit cheaper. I love the red-spotted M&S version for £35. When choosing a hat, take a good friend with you for advice, this hat needs to frame your face and suit your face shape, not be falling half-way down your head or looking like a Lady Gaga special. Also check out the weather for wind, as you don’t want to be running half way down the racecourse, that’s for the horses to do.

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