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VersaPro Automated Spray Tan Booth Review

February 4, 2014

I was asked if I wanted to try out one of the latest automated spray tan booths called the VersaPro by My Beauty Group. When I think of an automated spray tan I always think of Ross from Friends being ‘two eights’ but I was eager to give it a try as I have only ever used one once before many years ago, so I was interested to see how much they had changed. I only ever tan myself and I don’t go to the salon for it, so again it would be a completely new experience for me.

I headed down to Tan One salon in Earls Court where they have the VersaPro booth, the booth was in its own room and I was shown the instruction video which the booth itself plays. There was also a plastic hat for my hair, cream to rub on my hands and ankles, elbows, knees etc and goggles to protect my eyes. The booth offers different types of tanning which I was very impressed by. You can either go for the whole body, avoid the face or just concentrate on the legs, depending on what you want.

VersaPro Spray Tan Booth

There are also different variations of tan; the PRO BRONZER which sprays with the tan showing and is formulated with specific ingredients to hydrate, nourish, protect, and soften your skin during and after your session and the PRO CLEAR which does exactly the same just sprays clear. There is also the Pro pH Balancer which helps to hydrate the skin and the Pro Moisturizer which also helps to moisturise the skin and help to enhance the tan.


VersaPro Spray Tan Booth

My programme was chosen and put into the booth computer and I was left to get ready. What I loved about the booth was the numbers on the bottom, what are these for you ask? Well the booth talks to you as you go along so there is no room for error. It tells you where to pace your feet and you are ready to go, when you are ready you press the green button. Each stage is carefully explained by the booth which I found so helpful. It also dries you in between each stage. Don’t worry about feeling cold either as it’s slightly heated too!

VersaPro Spray Tan Booth

The tanning took about 10-15 minutes I’d say and then I let it dry for a few minutes before getting dressed again. I could already see colour in my face in the mirror.

So what were the results…

The tan takes about 4 hours to fully develop and I was getting pretty tanned as it did. I went for a dark setting, as even though I’m pretty pale I do like a dark tan. The next day I looked like I had been on a 2 week holiday, it was great! It was spread evenly across my body too, the only part were my hands that were pretty dark as I don’t think I held them in quite the right positions, oops!

VersaPro Automated Spray Tan Booth

I liked the experience of the booth and loved how it told you what to do, plus to get an overall tan in a more private setting than a manual spray tan was great. The colour was just what I wanted and such a convenient way to get a quick tan without having to struggle to reach your back! No matter how dark you want to go too, you can choose your settings to suit so you don’t have to go as dark as I did.

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