MacBook Vlogging With iMovie
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Venturing Into Vlogging!

May 11, 2014

So I finally got myself a MacBook as my old laptop was on it’s last legs. The sound and video wasn’t working very well and the Internet kept dropping in and out so it was time to say goodbye. I have always been used to using a Windows laptop or PC, but after converting to iPhone I just had to get a Mac and I must say I’m loving it! I feel like I get things done much quicker and of course it comes with iMovie which is great for editing videos and so finally I can vlog. I’m so excited to start vlogging, whether it works out or not, I’ll just be happy if even one of you watches it!

MacBook Vlogging With iMovie

The best thing with the MacBook though is it is so light and portable so I can take it anywhere really easily. I got sent thisย MacBook sleeve from My Trendy Phoneย for carrying it around as seen above. The case is by Cool Bananas and is a shockproof one so I can easily put the MacBook inside and then put it in my bag without worrying about a laptop bag as well. They come in all different colours so you can look stylish at the same time plus it’ll make blogging on the move much easier.

I’ve always thought of adding vlogging to my blog, but never really knew where I would start. I’m a complete novice at video editing so I have been playing around with iMovie for a bit and decided to take the plunge at my first vlog for you all! Instead of starting with a beauty tutorial or anything like that I thought I would introduce myself a bit more. In interviews about blogging I pretty much get asked a lot of the same questions, how I got into blogging etc, so I have decided to answer them on camera – eek! and a few fun questions about myself too.

So here it is my first official vlog, I hope you enjoy it and I would love any tips on vlogging from any of you pro’s out there! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos by clicking here or on the big red button…

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  • Reply
    Bumpkin Betty
    May 12, 2014 at 15:34

    You are so brave!! I’ve though about adding video content but right now I’m just too scared by it! You are a natural though, sounds great!

    • Reply
      May 12, 2014 at 15:54

      Thanks Jac! I know me too, so I’ve just decided to give it a go! Still need to perfect the editing but I’ll get there ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

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