I have been on the hunt for a matching blazer and shorts set for quite a while now, I haven’t come across the one yet, but I’m hoping in New York they might have exactly what I’m looking for. Meanwhile looking online it can be quite hard to find any matching sets, some websites have put them together (River Island, Motel, ASOS) but the majority haven’t so it can become quite a task having to look through them all.

Cher Clueless

So as I have been searching I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites on the high-street to make it a little bit easier for you and hopefully you might find what you are looking for. I’m toying with the white ASOS one as it’s close to the style I want, however I do have a checked Clueless version also in my head, so let’s see what NYC shopping finds me!

Matching Sets Style Guide

ASOS Floral Blazer/Shorts £40/£30, House of Holland Sweatshirt/Skirt £180/£140, Missguided Tartan Top/Skirt £17.99/£19.99

Matching Sets Style Guide

Motel Rocks T-Shirt/ Trousers £30/£40, ASOS Floral Blazer/Trousers £35/£45

Matching Sets Style Guide

River Island Pink Jacket/Shorts £50/£30, Zara Floral Printed Jacket/Shorts £59.99/£29.99, Oasis Butterfly Blazer/Shorts £70/£32

Have you have found any good matching sets lately?