Nutella & Strawberry Pizza

Nutella & Strawberry Pizza

July 2, 2013

I love food but I hate cooking! So you will never find me in the kitchen making and baking anything other than a good old spag bol or toast.

On my recent trip to Miami I kept seeing them serving Strawberries & Nutella Pizzas for dessert, I never got round to trying one so last night my boyfriend and I decided to give it a whirl (it’s really easy and no way does this count as cooking)

If you fancy having a go yourself you will need:

1 quantity of pizza dough (or a pre-made base)
5 tbsp of Nutella
A punnet of Strawberries
1 tbsp icing sugar

Ingredients Nutella and Strawberry Pizza

To start off I was already cheating and had bought some pre-made bases. I think if you made your own dough it would actually have a much better taste. The base goes in the oven for about 10-12 minutes until its nice and golden.

Whilst that’s cooking you can cut up your strawberries into slices.



Take the base out the oven and while still warm spread the Nutella all over the base, nice and thick, try not to taste any (it’s hard!)


Place your strawberries on top…

Strawberries & Nutella Pizza

And then top it off with icing sugar! It’s really that simple!

Nutella & Strawberry Pizza

Strawberry & Nutella Pizza - The P-Ho Diaries

It also tastes just as good as looks, give it a try to let me know your thoughts.

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