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An Interview With D.Lo London

May 9, 2013

D.Lo London caught my eye at the Emslie Creative press day, I have recently become a lover of bright coloured and funky socks, moving away from my plain black of years, and this is exactly what D.Lo offer!

The brand was started by Laila and Shrief who wanted to create designs that stand out from the crowd, were stylish, comfortable and provide the wearer the attitude and effortless cool of a Londonder. I love the bright colours and unique designs so wanted to find out a little more about how they got started!

D.Lo your under the Spotlight…

Where did the idea for D.Lo come from?As a couple we both felt a great inspiration by the lifestyle of the 1900’s, with its flamboyant and vivacious fashion. We felt that with socks, there has never been a pair that made a huge statement that had a mix of high quality material with vibrant bold designs. We know that there are other sock brands who try to have edgy and colourful socks; however, they lack originality and creativity in the way that they ‘produce’ their socks. With D.Lo’s, we break the boundaries and define what a ‘statement sock’ should be. D.Lo’s are premium socks crafted with the finest quality mercerised cotton. D.Lo’s are unique, as we hand draw our designs, which are then stitched onto the socks with no printing or computer aided designs.

D.Lo London Socks - Interview The P-Ho Diaries

How did you get started making the brand?

We are two people who have never followed trends and we always think outside the box. Any garment we have, we like to make it our own, in any way possible. We used the same mindset towards making the D.Lo London brand. Walking the streets of London proved to be of great inspiration for D.Lo and allowed us to know what the Londoners were missing: socks! Essentially, we did not to want to be like other sock brands and have our socks produced in other countries. We are proud to be Londoners and proud to say our socks are ‘Made in England’ and designed by us in London. This was a key and important factor for us when we were started the D.Lo London brand.

What does D.Lo stand for?

Being an exclusive and unique sock brand, we believe your fashion should always start from ‘DOWN Lo’.

From fish scales to florals, where do you take inspiration from for your designs?

We are a very cultured couple who love to travel. Not only do we take in the ambience and creativity from the streets of London but we also like to admire the tropical hues of the countries we have visited over the years; we feel our D.Lo’s reflect this.

D.Lo London Socks Interview The P-Ho Diaries Fashion Blog

Who would you see wearing D.Lo, or like to see?

D.Lo’s are for everyone and when it comes to who we would like to see wearing them; we feel you should all flaunt a pair of D.Lo’s! No matter who you are, what kind of job you have, however old you are and which ever celebrity you are, there is always a pair of D.Lo’s to suit you.

Do you have a favourite design?

Both of us put all of our passion and vision into drawing the designs, it’s very hard to choose just one D.Lo design. All we can say is that ‘Florence’ was the first to be born, so it will always have a special place in our hearts. A lot of thought was put into this first exclusive collection, so this range will be the ‘blueprint’ for the next D.Lo’s to come.

Laila and Shrief D.Lo London Interview The P-Ho Diaries Fashion Blog

Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own fashion brand?

Always be honest to who you are, individuality is very important. Don’t follow trends to try being like someone else. Think outside the box. If you have passion, that’s the only drive you need. You do not have to go to Fashion School to be a fashion designer, if you have an eye for creativity, you are on your way. Fashion is what you make of it, be unique.

What’s next for D.Lo as a brand?

We are glad to say that our online store will be launching within the week. We will pioneer British ‘statement socks’ worldwide and we always prepare to bring something new to the market, we never ‘settle for subtle’. Other socks should watch out, D.Lo’s are about!

I can’t wait to see more from these two!

Follow D.Lo on Facebook & Twitter and look out for the upcoming online store.

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