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An Interview With Erin Of ShopJeen

July 25, 2013 is one of my favourite online shops from the U.S and I am very happy to introduce this interview with Erin Yogasundra​m the owner and founder of ShopJeen.

Erin From ShopJeen

At just 20, Erin started her own online business in March 2012 and since then it has grown rapidly to what it is today. ShopJeen sells such a variety of quirky and cool clothing and gadgets, seriously once you have been on it, you’ll want everything and won’t be able to come off it!

Erin has always wanted to be an entrepreneur, owning an autograph store at 12, shoe lace business at 15 and a personal shopping service at 16, it’s no wonder ShopJeen has become the success it is. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, the power of social is really proving beneficial.

Erin your under the Spotlight….

Where did you get the idea from to start

I founded Shop Jeen in my college dorm room. I was working 3 part-time jobs for minimum wage while juggling school and I just knew I could do so much better. I’ve never really been into school-always starting my own businesses from the age of like 12. I realized while working my part-time college jobs (all retail) that I had a keen eye for buying trends. That mixed with my business-mind birthed Shop Jeen.

Do you see Shop Jeen having stores or will it always remain an online business?

I would love to have stores but they have to be like theme parks. I want Lazer Tag in the basement, arcade games, a mini-ferris wheel…haha!

The amount of products you stock is phenomenal! Do you source all of these yourself?

Thank you! Myself and our Creative Director Amelia Muqbel do all of the buying. This is definitely the aspect of the business I enjoy the most-along with Social. It is so fun discovering new things and imagining customer’s reactions when we get them in!

Do you have a favourite brand or product from your site?

I love our new Sexy Sweaters. I really love everything we sell but to keep it easier for you I’ll just stick with these for now, haha.

ShopJeen Sexy Sweaters

You completed various internships at places such as Vogue and 3.1 Philip Lim, do you think its important to get experience in the industry before starting out yourself?

Definitely! The industry is rough and having those experiences made me even more certain I wanted to be in the industry, but do my own thing. Every experience, even the most mundane, is something to take advantage of. Because you just NEVER KNOW!

For anyone wanting to start their own fashion/online business, what would be your advice for them? Do you have any tips for what to do first?

Recognize that email is the most amazing tool of all time and use it. Blast off emails to everyone and everything. Don’t be shy.

You sold your Celine tote bag to fund the start-up of ShopJeen. Did you ever buy a new one?

I still haven’t! I bought a Mini Givenchy Nightingale in April which broke already 🙁

Thanks Erin, that’s so inspiring! Here are a few of my favourite items from ShopJeen, be sure to check out the site and follow on Twitter.


Melted iPhone Case $20.00

Baroque Sunglasses $20.00

Cash Money Ankle Socks $10.00

Celine Dion Tee  $30.00

Cat bangle $45.00

NB: International shipping is only $10, fill up your basket!

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we can receive a commission. 

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    August 13, 2013 at 04:14

    Just a warning to Canadian shoppers – I bought a bracelet that never showed up from this business. It took 2.5 months to get a refund with the assistance of BBB. There is a lot of room for improvement here.

    • Reply
      January 15, 2014 at 20:13

      Same problem. They won’t even respond. I lost 250$

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