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Hermès Lipstick – The Most Luxurious Make Up In The World

April 22, 2020

Hermès is one of and if not the most luxury designer brand in the world. Their famous handmade Birkin bags come with a hefty price tag into the thousands, so was it any surprise that when they delved into make-up their lipsticks were going to be £58 each? This is expensive by anyones standards in the beauty realm, a Tom Ford lipstick comes in at £40 and actually pipping Hermès to the post is Louboutin at £70. So in fact Hermès is not the most expensive in which I thought it would be.

Price aside I wasn’t majorly excited about the lipstick launch and I had no intention of buying one, that was until I saw a tweet about them launching and I decided to take a look. I instantly loved the packaging, designed by Hermès creative director of jewellery and shoes Pierre Hardy, the casing uses the same brushed metal that the hardware of the handbags has and the colours of the lipsticks have been inspired by the silks and leathers of the Hermès collections.

There are limited edition colours each season which come with a triple bright coloured case. I was a little disappointed these weren’t the cases for all of the collection, as this packaging was what I’d seen in images for the campaign, however the recurring colours do have a more muted and lovely casing which is white, black and gold. The casing is magnetic and quite weighty which feels good in my hand, with a golden ‘H’ on top.

Each lipstick comes in its own orange box and its very own little dust bag. There are even accessories available to store the lipsticks in their own leather case if you are so inclined. Other items in the collection are a lip balm and a universal lip pencil which I never got to see as they had already sold out online.

There are 24 lipsticks in the Rouge Hermès collection (14 satin and 10 matte) and they are all refillable, although currently I haven’t seen the refills for sale but I guess these are to come. There are two finishes and I decided to opt for a satin finish as I much prefer that to a matte. However there is one matte everyone wants, Orange Boite which is a nod to the classic Hermès orange boxes.

I couldn’t decide on which colours so I chose two; Beige Kalahari 13 which is a classic nude pink, if i was spending that much I wanted something I could wear everyday, although I also wanted something more stand out and special and so chose Corail Flamingo 36 which is a vibrant coral colour, perfect for summer.

The Hermès branding is visible on the bullet and they also have a sweet smell created by Christine Nagel, the brand’s fragrance director which I think it smells very pleasant. The satin lipstick feels moisturising on the lips and goes on well. The shape of the lipstick makes it easy to line the lips as it has a very precise thin top. They go on with a light feel and I would say they aren’t creamy, maybe more like a stain but in lipstick form, they definitely have a lot of pigmentation. I was surprised how different the texture actually is to some of my favourite lipsticks. I love both colours, like I said Beige Kalahari is a perfect everyday and Corail Flamingo gives that punch I love with a brighter lipstick.

Can you buy less expensive lipsticks that do the job? Yes of course you can. Am I glad I bought them and have a little bit of a luxury to add to my ever growing lipstick collection? Definitely.

Hermès lipsticks are now available at Hermès, Selfridges and Harrods.

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    Mi Kyong
    May 16, 2020 at 22:42

    Can’t wait for the day when I will have my hands on this. Thanks for sharing.

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    April 9, 2022 at 17:17

    I have the beige, and I love it! I was debating about the coral, but you have convinced me to purchase!!! Thank you!

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