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Introducing Patrick Ta Beauty

April 29, 2020

If I could choose any make-up artist to do a look on me it would be Patrick Ta, renowned for his natural make-up looks that leave all his celebrity clients glowing. So when he launched a make-up line last year I was definitely keen to try it. The packaging first and foremost is beautiful with simple rose gold metallic casings. The products started off with a highlighting mist and lip shines and have now evolved into blush, lip cremes, brushes and most recently eyebrows. Oh and a rose gold setting fan, which of course I own!

The latter could seem extra, but taking one look at the product names ‘ She’s Extra’, ‘She’s Expensive’, ‘She’s Strong’ and my favourite She’s An Influencer’ you can tell it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s make-up after all. So if your going to get upset about the names, it is probably not the make-up brand for you. For me however I love the whole concept of this, its playful, fun and the products themselves are really, really good.

In fact I don’t think I’ve bought so much of one make-up brand since the Kylie Cosmetics hype. The products I’ve tried have just been consistently good and at a fair price point too.

I thought I’d share my thoughts on each of the collection I’ve tried so far.

Patrick Ta Velvet Blush Shes Passionate | The LDN Diaries


There are four colours available and I have two velvet powder blushes, She’s Passionate and She’s Seductive, each are part of the ‘monochrome moment’ which was the second release of products. The blushes launched alongside the silky lip cremes and the idea was just that to create a ‘monochrome moment’. Patrick suggests using the blush also on the eyelids to tie in the colourings of a look, something I hadn’t really done before but looks lovely. The blushes are a great size and the packaging is just to die for. The blush goes on lovely and is easy to build pigmentation up. She’s Passionate is a peach pink which really lifts the face and She’s Seductive is more of a mauve like colour.


I don’t buy make-up brushes that often, but this one looked appealing. I love the rose gold handle and it is so soft to touch. It applies the blush well and doesn’t lose any of the colour upon application. I found this much better than my usual Sigma blush brush and so glad I purchased it.

Patrick Ta lip crayons and lip creme | The LDN Diaries


The lip cremes have four shades available and I have two of these. They go on so lovely, don’t feel dry and are much more of a creamy product. They do dry down however on the lips but don’t go fully matte and so feel nourishing on the lips. They have staying power and last all day, especially when using the lip liners alongside. I have the shades She’s Secure and She’s Confident, these are quite similar shades tone wise, but I’d say one is a little darker.


The precision lip crayons are such a stand out product and if you can only buy one product from the collection then make it this. They line the lips beautifully and so naturally and as they are more of a crayon you can also easily spread the product across your lips which I often do. They have great staying power and also are like a click pen. You have to be careful with how much you click up as you can’t retract it, so something to note before you start using it. I have three of these She’s Humble, a light nude pink, She’s Proud slightly darker and also She’s Bold which I don’t use as often as it’s quite dark but nice to mix with some of the other products.

Patrick Ta lip creme and crayon swatches | The LDN Diaries

Lip Creme: (top) She’s Confident, (bottom) She’s Secure
Lip Crayon: ( l tor ) She’s Humble, She’s Proud, She’s Bold

Patrick Ta Glow Body Oil & Lip Shine | The LDN Diaries


The lip shine was my first Patrick Ta product in the colour She’s Expensive. It’s a clear gloss with an iridescence and goes on well with the applicator as well as feeling nourishing on the lips and not sticky. It has a slight mint smell which isn’t overpowering. There are three other colours in the collection, but I just love a clear gloss so this was the one for me.


I have the smaller size of the body oil, in the colour A Dream. This is a gorgeous body oil that smells delicious. It gives the skin such a glow, I think it will look fab in summer on the legs and décolletage.

Patrick Ta beauty makeup review | The LDN Diaries


The product that I was most excited about was the highlighting mist. I had never seen a highlighter like this really and I think it is just fantastic. I use a brush to apply it, just spray a little on and then dab onto the cheekbones. Alternatively you can used the Extra Setting Fan £21 to cover the face and spray straight on, which I think is just a fun idea and who doesn’t need a fan!? You can watch my video review of the mist and gloss here.

Patrick Ta beauty is available at Cult Beauty.

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