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Dermalogica Expert Active 30 Minute Facial Review

June 12, 2017

Last week I decided to try out Dermalogica’s new 30 minute facial at the Liberty treatment rooms. The facial is a quicker version of their Expert Active 60 minute facial, cut down to 30 minutes with less massage and more results. Perfect if you are on the go and don’t have much time. Lunchtime facial anyone?

I was greeted at the counter by the Dermalogica staff, I checked in and filled out a simple form with my skin concerns and what type of products I currently use. For me the main concerns are dehydration and my dryness from eczema. My therapist Natalie recommended we do a very hydrating facial and help give my skin that glow boost I seek also.

The Liberty treatment rooms are located a few floors up from the beauty hall and are decorated in the Liberty style wallpaper, with the Dermalogica room having its own unique design with illustrated bottles on the wall. I tucked myself under the towel and we were ready to start.

Dermalogica Facial at Liberty London

The facial began with a cleanse to get rid of my make-up and then also to cleanse the skin. It then followed with an exfoliation, tone and a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid to boost my hydration levels. Throughout Natalie also used Dermalogica’s Ultrasonic to encourage deep product penetration. My hydration levels were also measured pre-facial and I went up a significant amount by the end of the facial, which was really amazing for 30 minutes. The facial was finished off with a little massage and a moisturiser tint with SPF.

Afterwards we went through my ‘skin map’ at the counter. Dermalogica map everything out so you can see what areas of your face to focus on for different concerns. Natalie also recommended a range of products to maintain the results we saw on the day. These were PreCleanse Oil, UltraCalming Cleanser, Phyto Replenish Oil, Barrier Repair Moisturiser and the Ultra Sensitive Tint with SPF 30.

I do use quite a lot of products in my routine so it was nice to see such a simple routine laid out for me and I’m looking forward to trying the products. My skin felt super hydrated and soft after the treatment which was exactly what I wanted. If you always say you never have time for a facial, there are no excuses now.

Dermalogica Expert Active 30 Min Facial is £35 and available at Liberty.

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