Bioderma Micelle Solution Review
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Bioderma Micelle Solution Sensibio vs Hydrabio

February 20, 2014

I was converted to using Bioderma Micelle Solution after I had been using YSL Toning & Cleansing water and at £24.00 a bottle for 200ml of which I was replacing most months I was looking for a much more cost-effective option. That’s when Bioderma came into play, I had done lots of research on the Internet, reading blogger reviews and asking around on Twitter to hear people’s thoughts on different cleansing water options and Bioderma was the one that just kept coming up!

So to test it out I bought a small bottle of the Sensibio H2O, 100ml for £4.50 from Escentual, it was a great price to be able to try it out. Given that the 500ml was only £14.50 too, I had doubts that it couldn’t be as good as my YSL but I was proven wrong. I started using the Sensibio and really was impressed that it removed my make-up and left my skin feeling clear and I also noticed my redness around my nose go down too. The Sensibio is designed for quite sensitive skin so I was very happy with it, that was until I discovered the Hydrabio!

Bioderma Micelle Solution Review

I picked up a bottle of the Hydrabio 250ml when I won a Twitter competition with Farmaline chemist. I was excited to try it as I wanted to see if there would be any difference to the Sensibio. Again it removed my make-up really easily and some how had a softer feeling on my skin, hard to describe but it just felt slightly better. The Hydrabio is designed for  those that have sensitivity but also need hydration, which for me is exactly what I need, as I can be prone to dry skin. Bioderma say:

“The formula stimulates the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and helps it to maintain balance throughout the cleansing process”

Which I feel is exactly what it does! To remove the make-up all I do is pour some of the solution onto a cotton pad and wipe it clean across my face, sometimes I use more than one cotton pad just to make sure all my make-up is off. I don’t use it on my eyes however as I use a Simple cream for them but you can use the solution on eyes too. I have been following up my cleanse with La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc and my skin is looking much clearer.

Overall I am very happy with choice to move to Bioderma, excellent value for money, does what it says on the tin and if not better than my YSL I had become so used to using. There is also a version for Oily Skin too if that is your skin type.

You can buy Bioderma Micelle Solution from Escentual.

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