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Trying Out A Qi Energy Treatment

March 3, 2016

I had never heard of a Qi energy treatment until an email dropped in my inbox a couple of weeks ago from the Qi Wellness Centre in Central London. I was intrigued by what I had read and so decided to give one of their energy treatments a try.

Everyone has Qi energy, it flows through all living things and helps to support our organs, cells and the overall functioning of our body. Due to the somewhat busy and hectic lifestyles we have today, it can drain us of this energy. Computer and mobile phone use can definitely be a factor of this drained energy. Even with a well based diet and exercise we can often just feel physically tired, because we have depleted our use of the Qi energy.

As soon I entered the Qi Wellness Centre I instantly felt calm, I’m not sure whether it was the thought that my energy was going to be healed or just the candles and aroma burning that instantly gave me the calming effect. I had a glass of water and filled out a form with general details about my health, whilst I had a short wait for Emilie, who is a Principal Practitioner and was going to be healing my energy.

Qi Energy Treatment at Qi Wellness Centre

Emilie took me through to one of the treatment rooms and we talked through Qi energy and what it can do. Emilie normally treats patients who may have serious illnesses or pains and they come to see her on a regular basis. I am pretty healthy so for me the treatment was more a way to de-stress and to feel less tired. When we have low energy and energy blockages this can increase our vulnerability to pain, fatigue and ill-health. We talked through the different types of energy I can have ‘fire and ice’, how she became a practitioner and a little bit more about energy in general. She told me of this great Japanese experiment where positive and negative thoughts are pushed towards water to see the effect on them – take a read it’s pretty interesting to see the results and then remember we are made up of 60% water.

My treatment began with me laid out on the bed face up. For the treatment you are fully clothed and Emilie used acupressure techniques across my body to stimulate the energy and blood flow. This begins in the stomach which is the hub of all your energy, think of it as an energy furness. Emilie did warn me this could be slightly painful as she pressed down, which was pretty uncomfortable to be honest. However after a while it began to ease off. As she does this she also makes a sound. Each practitioner has their own sound, like a ‘ssssh’ noise. This sound is made whilst pressing, as sound can penetrate much deeper than touch alone so it can release the tension. My whole body was pressed from front to back and then finished with more focus on the shoulders, which is where I suffer from more tension.

Qi Wellness Treatment

I think it’s a treatment you have to be open to, if you are going to go in and laugh at the noise, this might not be for you. Afterwards I felt lifted, the best word to describe it and just overall calme. Emilie did say that I could experience a cold or headache afterwards, to which I did both. It was a totally new experience for me, but I definitely think it helped me. You would need regular sessions to keep topping up your energy levels, but I think if you suffer from particular pain, anxiety or stress this could be something that could work for you also.

I decided to use some calming images with this post so we could all take a little de-stress moment.

For more information or to book a treatment visit www.qiwellness.org.

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