Trick OR Treat?

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! 

Now would you like a Trick or Treat? First up a Trick….

I never dressed up this year (thats not the treat) but I did get involved in the festivities by having a go at carving a pumpkin!

Can you believe I have never carved one before? It is not an easy task! I had plenty of ideas, a sugar skull, a witch, a pirate, but I settled for something relatively easy, that is a random pumpkin carving!

Here were the results….

pumpkin carving

 And now for a TREAT!

If you have seen or entered my giveaway of two tickets to Paris with idBus then hold tight…I put all the names in my pumpkin, a Halloween hat clearly and the winner is…….


Well done Sonia! Thankyou to everyone who entered it was a fantastic response! Stay tuned for more competitions.


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