The Real Shaving Co Review
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The Real Shaving Co Review

March 6, 2015

You may have heard of me, I’m Danny and I feature on here from time to time, mainly in food reviews with Paula. Well now I am going to be starting my own section, funnily enough it’s the men’s section. Today I am beginning this off with a review of The Real Shaving Co products. For us men we pretty much just want to know if the product is any good, so I aim to bring you honest reviews of the products and/or experiences I try.

The Real Shaving Co have a numbered three-step product range for us guys. The first is ‘Prepare’ which is an exfoliating daily facial scrub, the second is ‘Shave’ a traditional shave cream and lastly ‘Maintain’, which is a multi-task balm. I have never been a person who enjoys the thought of shaving, it’s not a short process and as I am dark-haired and have quick growth I have to shave more regularly than most. However once I start shaving it just becomes routine and it is one of the few occasions I probably do not think about too much else and actually concentrate on the task in hand. I have to shave three to four times per week so picking a quality but fair priced range of products is really important.

The Real Shaving Co Review

My grooming routine consists of washing my face with warm water, applying a very good exfoliator (up to twice a week), shaving with a transparent gel so I can see what I am actually shaving (or how much I am shaving off my beard) and finishing off with an aftershave balm / moisturiser. Maybe adding a toner in there too, depending how I am feeling. I started off with the The Real Shaving Co Exfoliating Scrub £4.99. It was actually not bad, slightly grainer than my usual product and I found it helped to remove the dead skin easily.

The Real Shaving Co Exfoliator Review

The next phase is the ‘shave’. I actually really liked The Real Shaving Co Shaving Gel £3.99, it is transparent, easy to shave with and actually smells nice and with a new razor left a smooth face. It was also easily removed with a face cloth, some gels can take some shifting and this one was not like that. It is probably the best product out of the three comparing to other ranges and existing products I have tried.

The Real Shaving Co Gel Review

The last phase is the ‘maintain’ which was The Real Shaving Co Super 8 Balm £4.99. I always use a sensitive aftershave balm or a dedicated moisturise, as I often get razor burn and having sensitive skin I can suffer for sometime after shaving. Again like the shave gel I really did like the aftershave balm, it really helped to reduce my shave burn and actively cooled down my face. Especially my lower neck area where I have always suffered, especially with ingrowing hairs.

Maintain The Real Shaving Co Review

Out of the three products I would definitely reuse the shave gel and aftershave balm. If you use King Of Shaves shaving gel it is very similar quality and could easily replace. The exfoliator was not as good as the product I currently use (Nip + Man) but I would recommend the shave gel and aftershave balm to anyone who suffers with shaving as I do. Overall I really liked the The Real Shaving Co products and I would say they are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an affordable shave range.

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