Dyson Small Ball Animal Review
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Spring Cleaning With Dyson

March 15, 2016

Never when I started the blog, did I think I would be writing about vacuuming, or more correctly getting excited enough about a vacuum to want to write about it. But when Dyson comes into play, yep these things happen. With Spring approaching, the perfect time for a good clean out, I thought I’d share my thoughts on one of their the latest additions, the Dyson Small Ball Animal.

I never want to vacuum – fact, but when I was sent the Dyson Small Ball Animal recently to try, I have found myself wanting to pull it out on rather regular occasions. It just seems to make life much easier and is also the perfect vacuum when you live in an apartment in the City that really does not have much storage space. This is the first thing I love about the Small Ball Animal is it’s size. It is so easy to store away and pull out when you need it, the handle can be pushed down for extra space and it also is light to lift. The normal vacuum comes in at 7kg, this weighs just 5.5kg. Never could I bothered to pull out the vacuum out of the cupboard before because it weighed a ton, but with this it’s a doddle.

Dyson Small Ball Animal Review

Dyson Small Ball Review

It also looks pretty damn cool. With its small ball, it has a nice design and enables it to bend back and forth with ease, as well with the added wheels to push it along. It also has the longest cable I have ever experienced, which means no changing of plugs to go into another room, for me anyway. You can see all the dust inside the cylinder, which although is pretty gross it’s great for seeing when it’s full and needs emptying. Which is super easy to do too, you just press the button and it opens up to empty it out and clean. I don’t think I actually ever knew how to do that with any of our old vacuums and always left Danny to do the job.

Dyson Small Ball Animal Vacuum Review - UK Lifestyle Blog

It comes with a bunch of tools that can be attached to the hose and is great for reaching hard to get areas. These include a combination tool which has a nozzle and brush, great for skirtings and hard to reach places, also I’ve found it’s an expert at getting crumbs off the sofa. A stair tool and a tangle free turbine tool, which is like the bigger vacuum but in a small tool version and a good one for pet hairs if you have a pet. Two of the tools attach to the main body, which is so good as you don’t have to hunt around for them, the bigger tangle free tool doesn’t, but it’s probably one I don’t really use as much anyway.

Dyson Small Ball Animal attachments tools

This machine is said to have 30% less noise than their previous upright machine, I found it not that noisy at all which is good if you live in an apartment. The suction on it though is what really impressed me overall. I have never had a Dyson before and it just blew me away, literally! Our bedroom carpet looks as good as new as when we moved in. It really picks up all the fluff and dirt, compared to using the one we had before, I am definitely converted.

I think a Dyson can seem like an expensive addition especially if you hated vacuuming as much as me, but the Dyson Small Ball Animal has definitely got me excited. It’s small in size, easy to move around and store, fantastic at its job and with a five-year guarantee it’s definitely worth it. I have been using mine over the last month and love it. For more info on the Dyson Small Ball Animal visit dyson.co.uk.

Dyson Small Ball Animal Vacuum Review

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