Screen On The Green

Screen on the Green

May 8, 2012

When I watch a film at home I need all the lights out, snacks and a big comfy sofa for full concentration! So to find this out of home is perfection.

Screen on the Green is my new home from home for movie watching. Based in Islington, it is part of the Everyman cinemas. The idea behind an Everyman cinema is creating “a truly unique and
memorable cinema experience”. The bar is stocked with an abundance of drink choices, popcorn, sweet treats including chocolate popcorn, delicious cakes and chocolate buttons. Plus I didn’t see them, but overheard a girl squeal at the fact they had pizza slices! I will investigate this next time.

On Sunday night I went to see American Pie The Reunion, which was very funny and brings back all the old characters to make it have that old feel of the first movie.

As soon as we were in the theatre (I’m going to call it this from now, cinema is so non Everyman) we had a look round for our seats, we saw we were second from the back in a cute comfy two seated sofa, complete with cushions and FOOT RESTS, big block FOOT RESTS! One thing I hate about the cinema is the lack of room, being squashed next to some kids or chavs saying every word of the movie and NO space, but this wow, lots of space! Complete with table to the right of me for drinks and food. People around us were drinking beer, cocktails and eating giant cake OOH!

Comfy seats

The bar itself is behind the seats and located to the back of the theatre room. All lit up, we ordered some salted popcorn, chocolate buttons, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a cider (a nice one). After paying, we were told it would be “brought over to you” excuse me? This is no ordinary cinema!

I probably got a little too excited about table service in the cinema, I’m one of these people who likes things the way they should be, pick up some popcorn at the cinema with tickets, table service at a restaurant, I get very confused by Nandos and GBK (self service eugh) but this wow awesome, I’m loving it!

Screen on the Green is a great way to watch a movie, take a date, take a friend, and get comfortable whilst enjoying a good film.

Just remember to order all your drinks before the movie starts as the bar closes throughout, my #fail.


Check out The Screen on the Green here.

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