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Philips StyleShaver Waterproof Shaver & Styler

May 7, 2015

I was gutted when my four-year old Philips beard trimmer died, replacing a trimmer does not seem a big deal, but for me it’s been a bit of a problem with so many products available and with some just not doing their job well enough. I have four trimmers in the bathroom cabinet and only one does a good enough job.

Philips Style Shaver Review | Men's Lifestyle

With the Philips Styleshaver what grabbed my attention was the fact it has three features; trim, shave and style. Something else that swayed me was the fact it is waterproof, allowing me to shave both wet and dry. Not many trimmers or all in one products offers all three functionalities as well as the waterproof feature.

Philips Styleshaver Review | Men's Lifestyle The LDN Diaries


There are two key features with this one, the ability to shave both wet and dry. Personally I prefer shaving with a razor and as suggested in my everyday shaving routine, I have never got quite a close enough shave with an electric razor. I have however tried the dry shave function a few times when in a rush and it seems to works well.

Philips Styleshaver Review


Even those with longer beards will appreciate the style feature. I really like that it has two heads, one for ultra precision and the other for areas needing a longer head. The head has a quick and easy spin feature and allows you a very precise style without worrying about the amount of hair you might be removing. I can see many guys using the smaller head to trim the more annoying or elusive hairs around the lips, ears and around the neck.

Philips StyleShaver | Mens Grooming The LDN Diaries Blog

Philips Style Shaver | Mens grooming on The LDN Diaries blog


The trim feature is the one most people will probably buy the all in one for. It has 12 different lengths which are super easy to change with a twist to the left or right. Something to keep in mind, the trim feature is ultra close so beware if you do not know the required length. Start longer and go shorter. What’s great about the trim feature is the lengths go well over 5mm which is where the typical trimmers stop at and allows you to keep a longer length and take some of the weight out (again perfect for longer beards) and will reduce you having to visit your barber regularly to keep it to your desired length.

Philips Styleshaver Waterproof Trimmer | Mens Grooming on The LDN Diaries lifestyle blog

The trimmer goes up in 1mm steps allowing you to get the perfect length for you, so if you prefer the 5 o’clock shadow this will work for you, if you like to vary lengths the trimmer is great too. It’s also great for guys who prefer the three-day unshaven look. Personally I keep mine slightly longer than stubble and worked well for me.

So lads to the important questions:

Favourite feature?

Personally I like the style feature with the different length heads, this is because I am really particular with the way I like the style to my beard especially around my lips.

Does it work?

Yes and works really well, I would say be very careful when trimming your beard, my recommendation would be to start with a longer length and go downwards, I found the lengths different to my other trimmer and the 5mm was shorter on the Philips.

Philips Styleshaver review on mens lifetsyle blog

All in all the Philips StyleShaver is worth the little extra you might normally spend on your trimmer and definitely worth it if you like keeping your facial hair looking good and giving you the freshly groomed look. The Philips StyleShaver is £89.99 and available from Boots.

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