Penhaligon's Portraits Fragrance Review

Penhaligon’s Portaits Family Clandestine Clara & Roaring Radcliff

March 15, 2017

Penhaligon’s are well-known for their fragrances, but did you know about the Portrait Family?

Portraits are Penhaligon’s family of luxury fragrances and are definitely ones that cannot be missed not only from their impressive scents but also the bottle design is very unique. The Penhaligon’s portrait family of fragrances is exactly that, a fictional family that includes characters such as Lord George, Lady Blanche and The Duke. This year they have launched two new additions to the extended family, Clandestine Clara and Roaring Radcliff.

Clandestine Clara is the latest women’s scent and comes in a beautiful peacock head bottle, not forgetting the gorgeous box design covered in colour illustrations by Kristjana Willams. This is so beautifully presented which I think really gives it a unique angle to most other fragrances. The fragrance itself I would say is very oriental, with top notes of rhum vanilla, heart notes of cinnamon musk and base notes of ambery patchouli.

I would say this is a real confident fragrance, it’s powerful but not over bearing and at first you do really get the vanilla scent, but when it settles, it’s muskier but still with a sweet smell and it stays on the skin throughout the day – which is definitely what you want in a fragrance at this price point. If you like sweet and musky and a real head turner of a fragrance then this is for you.

In the story Roaring Radcliff is Lord George’s secret son, what a scandal. So what can we expect from this fragrance? Exactly that. This fragrance for men is fueled by head notes of rum, heart notes of tobacco and base notes of ginger bread. Roaring Radcliff is the man you want to date, the man you desire. It’s a sexy and provocative scent with a smoky but sensual smell.

It’s not too heavy, in fact it’s quite light and the rum has a slight hint of vanilla, so even slightly sweet, but don’t let that put you off, this fragrance is definitely not for the faint hearted man. The bottle has a glorious lion head which would look great on any bedside table.

Clandestine Clara & Roaring Radcliff are both £178 for 75ml and available to buy now at .

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