I had seen these magnetic nail varnishes for a while now, so when Barry M brought out a collection of metallic ones, I was straight to hop on board! Well hop to the counter at Superdrug…

They come in four colours, Violet, Dark Silver, Burgundy and Blue.

Metallic Varnish

Each has its own uniquely designed magnet for different effects. So you can collect them all and mix and match the colour and effect.

I opted for Dark Silver. This has a ripple effect. I applied a base coat, then one coat of the silver, let it dry. Applied a second and while wet hovered the magnet over my nail-the lid has a carefully designed ridge to balance it on your finger so you don’t land it smack into the polish! Awesome. Then I applied a coat of clear top coat. This was the result.

Ripple effect

I think it takes a bit of practice but it is really easy and I can’t wait to try the other colours!

If these nails could have a song I think it would be this:

Ok, ok , it was a total excuse to play Rihannas new video for Where Have You Been 😉