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How To Wear – Black Tie Event

August 28, 2013

Picture the scene, you’re sitting at your desk and you get a very exciting email in your inbox inviting you to a black tie ball. All manner of images pop through your head, you wonder if it will be a masked ball, dream of the champagne and canapés and of course the men in penguin suits. So much so you forget to consider the all important question, ‘What will I wear?’. It sinks in, you have nothing to wear, you don’t own any black tie apparel as it’s not something you go to every day.Your credit cards are maxed for this month and you can’t afford anything expensive to wear, or can you?

Black Tie Invite

I know a lot of you are unsure about renting a dress, there’s the worry of ruining it and it costing you more in the long run, or the fact it might not fit and then there is of course the debate about being able to buy a brand new dress for the same price.

But what if I said, you can have insurance with the dress, you can choose three dresses and pick which one you want to wear and only pay for that. Oh and it’s all designer, with some originally costing over £1,000. Imagine turning up to an event in that thousand pound dress, the glamour and jealousy, yes please.

I recently attended a black tie event and that’s how I came across Girl Meets Dress. They offer a great service to be able to rent a designer dress from as little as £29. You can choose between 2-7 nights, choose up to three dresses that way you know you have the perfect one, plus even rent a bag or jewellery to go with it.

For me black tie isn’t always about a long floor length dress, for instance I wore a tuxedo jumpsuit. So I’ve put together some different styles of dresses for inspiration from the Girl Meets Dress site.

Girl Meets Dress Short dress Black Tie


Girl Meets Dress Long Length Black Tie Style Tips


Girl Meets Dress Black Tie Alexander Wang

The Alexander Wang long velvet-black dress really stood out for me, how amazing is that back!

Girl Meets Dress are also offering all of you lucky lot an exclusive discount for being a P-Ho Diaries reader. Get 10% off your order using the code GMD2013PHO, the voucher runs for a year so can be used on an unlimited amount of orders, what are you waiting for!

With LFW coming up I’ve got my eye on this Alice & Olivia Papina Dress, which dress would you pick?

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    August 28, 2013 at 18:25

    Wow that’s such a good idea!

    Not that I have anywhere to go to at the moment, but when I do I’m definitely looking up this service 🙂

    • Reply
      August 28, 2013 at 18:32

      I love the thought of wearing a McQueen, but not having to save up for forever for it!

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