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Do You Have A Fashion Habit?

June 1, 2013

Blogging about fashion most of the time means I end up lusting after a lot of things from clothes and bags to shoes and jewellery. Then there are all the different brands, top designer items that I look at from afar most of the time, to high street and then also discovering new brands everyday through the web and Twittersphere, there is SO much choice!

Another factor are celebrities. Everyday we see them in a new outfit,which more than likely they have been sent by some PR company, but does it leave you feeling like you have to be in something new ALL the time?

With my Objects Of MyAffection posts I am able to showcase my love for all these gems that I find but what happens when you really really want it? This in most cases ends up happening!

Here are just a few items I have been coveting this month.

Β Lust List

I shop online most days, although don’t worry I’m not always buying, I won’t end up in rehab for a shopping habit just yet, stay put Lindsay Lohan. I just love having a good look through, it lets me see trends, gives me inspiration and with lots of new fashion brands starting it’s great to uncover them and even feature them on my blog too. I came across this amazing skeleton bag just yesterday (see above).

How often do I buy? Well it depends I guess, some months I might have a spree, others I buy nothing apart from some little extras. I do however sell stuff online which helps to keep the equilibrium between buying and selling. I feel so much better getting rid of unwanted CD’s and clothes for brand spanking new shizzle!

What I often wonder is how fashion bloggers manage to pull off so many different looks on their blogs, widely known a lot of them are sent things for free but hats off to them for always posting a new outfit online everyday.

How often do you shop online or offline? Has blogging made you want more? Do you have a fashion habit just like me?

I would love to hear your comments.

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