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August 31, 2013

This week I was offered the chance to try out some Divino Gelato and let’s face it who is going to say no to Italian Ice-Cream?

Now your probably thing what is Divino. Well it is a new selection of gelato fruit desserts, full of flavour using the fruits of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Each box contains a Ciaculli tangerine, Roman Kiwi, Vesuvian Apricot and two Montella Chestnuts and each fruit has a hollow centre filled with the gelato.

Divino Gelato

How does this work? Well once the fruit is harvested, it is halved and hollowed and the pulp is blended with volcanic waters from Mount Etna and Vesuvius. The gelato is then put into the original shell of the fruit and frozen to preserve the flavours.

Divino Gelato dessert

The Divino was delivered straight to my door and being a nice sunny day I decided to give it a try straight away. What you need to do is once out the freezer cut them in half and leave for about 15-20 minutes, that way they defrost and are the perfect temperature for eating, I tried out the tangerine first,it was so delicious, this one tasted more like a sorbet but really captured all the essence of the tangerine itself.

Divino Tangerine

The kiwi was definitely my favourite, the flavour of it was sweet, refreshing and very palette cleansing. The fruits are all completely natural and fat and gluten-free, plus so light and amazing! The box of fruits is great to take as a dinner party gift or picnics and lasts for up to an hour once of  the freezer.

Divino Kiwi Dessert Gelato

Divino Gelato Chestnut

You can order Divino online from the website or pick it up in Partridges, Shepherd Foods and Whole Foods.

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