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Danny and I decided to go to Iberica for dinner for a bit of a ‘date night’ as I like to call it. Often when we go out we will be reviewing an event or somewhere to eat that it’s nice to not have to feel that pressure and just relax and enjoy each others company. However I had been to Iberica once before and loved it, that I couldn’t resist taking my camera for a few cheeky photos to blog!

Iberica if you haven’t heard of it is a Spanish restaurant in Central London. They have actually just opened a new branch in Farringdon but we couldn’t get a table there so reserved one at the Great Portland Street restaurant. The restaurant is laid out over two floors and is very open plan so you can even watch them cut the Spanish ham off the bone. The menu as you would expect is tapas and pretty much all sounds delicious. When I go for Tapas I have my favourites so I always seem to end up ordering the same things just from different places!

Let’s delve straight in with a bottle of Villarnau Brut Reserva Rosé NV!

Iberica London

What we ordered:-

Mini burgers with Piparra peppers

Padrón peppers with Maldon salt

Ibérica’s serrano ham croquettes

Potatoes with spicy brava or alioli sauce

Toasted Bread with tomato

Fried fresh squid with alioli sauce

Fried chorizo lollipops with pear alioli sauce

Iberico ham (I’m not sure which as our original choice wasn’t quite cured, so they offered us another to try instead, which was delicious!)

Mini Burgers at Iberica

Peppers at Iberica Tapas

Croquettes at Patatas at Iberica London

Tomato Bread

Fried Squid

Chorizo Lollipops

Chorizo Lollipops

Iberico Ham

Everything was to such a high standard, I think my favourites were the ham croquettes, these are melt in the mouth, seriously you need to try them!

We finished off with lemon and raspberry sorbet to share between us, as my eyes were definitely bigger than my belly for all the tapas.

Lemon and Rapsberry Sorbet

Afterwards we made a pit stop for cocktails at The Gilbert Scott in King’s Cross. This bar is so beautiful, just look at the bell ceiling. Here we had ‘A Pear-itif’ which was Grey Goose poire, cucumber, Sipsmith gin, lime and elderflower – I’d highly recommend this one. Not sure what Danny’s was called but similarly was just as good.

The Gilbert Scott Bells

Danny Denhard

The Gilbert Scott Cocktails

For more info or to book Iberica visit www.Ibericarestaurants.com and similarly The Gilbert Scott at www.thegilbertscott.co.uk.

NB: To the woman next to us in Iberica asking her husband why is ‘she’ taking pictures, I hope you are reading this, hello!

Iberica on Urbanspoon