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June 5, 2015

Ciate London are well-known for their nail products, but they have now ventured into the world of cosmetics. The collections which has the slogan ‘Love.Play.Colour’ sees a wide selection of eye products with eyeliners, eye crayons and mascaras, as well as lip and cheek products. I particularly got excited about the lip products as there are so many colours and one in particular the ‘Custom Kiss’ which is a lipgloss that changes shade to match your own lips and give you a unique colour.

I got my hands on a few pieces to have a play, so let’s see how they fared?

Ciate Cosmetics London

Double Lines Duo Eyeliner £19.50

This was my favourite product I tried out of the four. This is a kohl and felt tip eye liner in one. How handy is that!? So one side is a very black eye liner felt tip pen, I found this easy enough to apply once I got the hang of it, I am so used to a paint brush style one, but it gave a great flick and really stayed on too. The other end is the kohl and is perfect for that under eye liner, great for that Kardashian look. I was thinking of doing a YouTube tutorial for this, if you’d like to see it do let me know? I liked the easiness of carrying this around and you can use either end depending how you feel.

Ciate Double Lines Eyeliner Review

Eye Chalk £14.00

This eye crayon is soft and can be used to apply to the lash line or spread out all across the lid for an eyeshadow effect. I tried out the colour ‘Teacher’s Pet’ which was a shimmery lilac colour, lovely for summer. There are four colours to choose from, a turquoise blue, a pink, light orange colour and then the lilac. I found it glided on really easy and I liked the shimmering effect it gave. I don’t normally wear this colour so I’d probably use this as a liner more. It stays on so well too which is awesome.

Ciate Eye Chalk Teachers Pet Review

Custom Kiss £14.00

This is the product I was really excited about. A custom kiss changes to a shade of your very own, unique to you. Although this is where I have to be pretty negative in that it just didn’t work. Maybe it was just me, but after I applied this to my lips, on various occasions, slightly thinking I was going mad I couldn’t see anything, it just didn’t change colour. There was nothing different from if I’d applied a clear lipgloss to my lips. I started to think maybe I applied it wrong, but how could I have? I tried the shade Bitten which is supposed to be a peach colour and adapts to your pH so maybe I need the pink one to see more of a difference. But I was really wasn’t enamoured with this product.

Ciate Custom Kiss Bitten Review

Lip Lustre £15.00

The lip lustre comes in eight shades and is a glittery and shiny lip type balm. I liked how it gave such a gloss but was not sticky in the slightest and really dazzled. It’s also got Vitamin E in it which means it’s nice and moisturising.

Ciate Lip Lustre Vamp review

I tried the Vamp colour which looked quite purple and not like something I’d wear on first look, but on application it’s really subtle shimmer of the purple, hardly noticeable and really nice. I think it would look lovely over lipstick but also on its own. The only downside for me was it didn’t stay on that long after eating and drinking.

Ciate Lip Lustre Vamp Swatch

The Ciate cosmetics collection is available from Mini journals pictured Paperblanks.

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    June 5, 2015 at 20:15

    the only thing i’ve seen from them is nail polish but these all look so lovely!!

  • Reply
    June 6, 2015 at 11:37

    I really want to give Ciaté’s makeup range a go. That eyeliner sounds so good – I NEED IT!

    – Elodie x

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